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The River Source is located in a charming, craftsman style historic home. It is within walking distance of many twelve step meetings and is close to stores and restaurants in the downtown Mesa area.


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Our drug rehab center's approach to treating addiction:

Full healing of the mind, body, and spirit

We at The River Source of Arizona approach addiction treatment as a full healing of the mind, body and spirit. Our drug rehab center's unique, holistic approach has successfully helped countless individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction achieve long term recovery.

Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic conditions that often cause patients to relapse because of their unbridled, compulsive need to seek and abuse the substance regardless of its harmful consequences, not only to themselves but to others around them as well. Addiction is a multi-faceted issue and only by holistically working through one’s internal issues can the path to recovery be truly possible.

With prolonged and increasing severity of drug or alcohol abuse, a person loses his or her self-control and ability to make sound decisions. When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab centers, there is no shortage of facilities and service providers out there. However, it’s critical to find a nurturing environment that offers holistic, tailored treatments to suit and adapt to the client's current and long term individual needs.

Since 2003, The River Source of Arizona has offered a comprehensive holistic treatment program for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike other Phoenix alcohol and drug rehab centers, we don’t just look for quick or easy answers; the holistic therapies we offer are effective in identifying the root cause of the addiction, as well as strengthening the mind, body and spirit.

With the most affordable drug and alcohol treatment pricing in the country, effective holistic therapies and a variety of treatment options, The River Source continues to deliver as the nation’s premier drug and alcohol addiction recovery center. We offer:

  • The most competitive and affordable pricing for all-inclusive detox and inpatient treatment. Call NOW for Rates 1-866-770-1236
  • Our proven 12-step holistic treatment
  • Our revolutionary naturopathic detox program
  • A sobriety guarantee for 90-Day inpatient clients
  • Travel to our Arizona-based facilities at no cost (for out-of-state residents)
  • The Top 10 Reasons clients choose The River Source of Arizona.

With over a decade of experience, our holistic approach and tailored treatments have resulted in the success of our clients maintaining sobriety long after they leave our addiction rehab center.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with a substance abuse problem, please call 1-888-687-7332 today. We at The River Source drug and alcohol addiction recovery center are ready to develop and recommend treatments for any substance abuse problem. The privacy and trust of our clients are of utmost importance to us, which is why we guarantee that all the calls we receive will remain confidential.


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Counselor - Masters Level, LISAC
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Dr. Walmer
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Liz Martin
Vice President of Operations
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Dr. Dave Arneson
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Naturopathic Medical Director of Mesa