Alcohol & Drug Treatment Arizona - Fees Schedule
The River Source - 12 Steps Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Fees Schedule

First Month (30 days): Call NOW for Rates 1-866-770-1236

  • Housing
  • Detox and In-patient treatment
  • Three nutritious meals a day plus snacks
  • Big Book, 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, folder
  • Ten to fifteen small groups sessions per week (12 Step, Life Coaching and other)
  • Four clinic visits with a licensed NMD
  • B-12 shot and IV vitamin therapy
  • Accupuncture (optional)
  • Two appointments per week with a licensed therapist / counselor
  • One appointment per week with a certified life coach
  • Three theraputic massages per month
  • One or more hiking trips per week (voluntary)

*Now Accepting Insurance

Each Subsequent Month (30 days):  Call NOW for Rates 1-866-770-1236​

  • Housing
  • Three nutritious meals a day and snacks
  • Ten to fifteen small groups sessions per week
  • Two clinic visits with a licensed NMD
  • B-12 shot and IV vitamin therapy
  • Two appointments with a life coach
  • One or more hiking trips per week (voluntary)

*Now Accepting Insurance

Credit Cards, Wiring Funds, Money Orders, Cashier Checks are the only forms of payments we accept. Click here to see more details on our weekly schedule.

Financial Assistance

Is there financial assistance available? Yes.

For financial assistance options please contact:

M~Lend Financial

In the treatment area, M-lend Financial specializes in rapidly acquired credit lines that help facilitate admissions. Qualified applicants will receive 0% financing for at least 12 months that can also serve as good bridge financing until other long term debt arrangements can be explored. You can go to our website:, or call: 888-474-6231.

No Refund Policy

The River Source Treatment Center has a NO REFUND policy. Please make sure you are committed to your treatment as much as we are. We are 100% committed to your treatment and recovery!

Any extra cost?

You may need personal funds for your needs such as: cigarettes, snacks, personal hygiene items etc. You are responsible for any medications that are not associated with treatment. We can help facilitate ordering prescribed medication by a doctor. Example: High Blood Pressure medications.

Discounts and Payment Plans

The River Source understands the difficult financial times we are all going through and that's why we offer the most competitive and affordable all-inclusive rates for detox and inpatient treatment. Call NOW for Rates 1-866-770-1236.

Special Discount Opportunities and Payment Plans: Pay for your first two months upon admission and receive a $500 discount. Pay for all three months upon admission and receive a $1,000 discount. Customers may pay 50% on admission and the remainder within 7 days. Please call our friendly staff at 1-888-687-7332, if you have questions.

Graduation Criteria

In order to successfully obtain Graduation status from the River Source, the following minimum requirements must be met:

1. Completion of all 12-Steps through the 12-Step Workshop. (Tuesday Evenings at 6:30 P.M.) Your 12-step workshop sponsor must verify completion.
2. Completion and presentation of Steps 1, 2, and 3 in Step Group. (Weekday afternoons)
3. Successful completion of a minimum of 30 days treatment at The River Source. (60 and 90 days stays are recommended)
4. Client must successfully complete ALL written assignments by Life Coach/Counselor.
5. Completion of your Aftercare Plan with Life Coach or Counselor signature of approval.
6. Client cannot be on restriction for non-compliance, breaking House Rules or failure to follow Policy & Procedures.

Detox fees:

The most competitive and affordable pricing for all-inclusive 5 day or 10 day detox . Call NOW for Rates 1-866-770-1236​

*Now Accepting Insurance

If you or a loved one is looking for treatment for any type of substance abuse, please call NOW: 1-888-687-7332 or 480-827-0322 (your call is confidential)

Testimonials Dwne erro

"I was brought into The River Source by court order originally, and was said to be here 30 days but ended up doing ninety which I'm grateful I did. River Source was chosen by my substance abuse counselor to attend but I had a couple friends who came through here and I did remember the name of this place but didn't think I'd step into it. My experience here has been pretty amazing, very unexplainable I have learned so much from other clients, the staff, people outside The River Source, the groups..."
Trenton M. - Fort McDowell, AZ

Meet Our Staff

Staff Member
Dr. Palmer
Naturopathic Medical Director of Mesa
Dr. Walmer Medical Director
Dr. Walmer
Medical Director
Geffen Liberman
Counselor - Masters Level, LISAC
Dr. Dave Arneson Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Dr. Dave Arneson
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Liz Martin Vice President of Operations
Liz Martin
Vice President of Operations