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Relapse Prevention

Aftercare & Planning

We would like to think that completing a treatment program will "cure” the disease of addiction. However, recovery is a lifelong pursuit and success is dependent on the individual’s active follow-up with the aftercare plan developed by the client, therapist, and other healthcare professionals prior to graduating treatment. The purpose of the after care plan is to help the addict eliminate the temptation to use again. While in treatment the addict is provided a safe, structured and secured environment. However when the addict graduates and returns to their life they are faced with many of the same issues they had prior to treatment - legal, financial, emotional, family, relationships, or job placement.

Although, the client has the responsibility and accountability to follow the aftercare plan, The River Source staff monitors the client and the progress of the aftercare plan. We offer clients who have graduated our 30, 60, and or 90-day program the option of participating in anyone of our outpatient and aftercare services for up to one year. Services include: use of the naturopathic clinic, sobriety checks and weekly groups at no cost, or you may partake in our online after care.  At The River Source, we believe that relapse prevention is achieved through a well-managed after care plan.

Relapse is a reality no matter how much one thinks they have a handle on their disease and in most cases addicts and alcoholics who relapse do so within the first 18 months after treatment.No matter how much the addict wishes to stay sober “action” will be required and commitment needs to be strong enough to get up and do what it takes. Once the addict quits doing the things they need to do for their recovery, they will find themselves in relapse.

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Testimonials Dwne erro

"I came to The River Source in order to change my life. I'm happy to say that I am now a recovering alcoholic addict. I chose The River Source because after speaking with Admissions, I felt safe and I knew I would be able to focus on myself and my recovery. While at The River Source I was able to attend 12 step meetings, yoga, go to the gym, and participate in homeopathic and natural medicine. The friends I made there will impact my life forever and I'm so grateful to the staff for all..."
Courtney C. - August 2012

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Counselor - Masters Level, LISAC
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Daryl Ferrell
Executive Director - Casa Grande
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Liz Martin
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Naturopathic Medical Director of Casa Grande
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Dr. Dave Arneson
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Dr. Walmer
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