Pain disorder is one of several somatoform disorders. The term “somatoform” means that symptoms are physical but are not entirely understood as a consequence of a general medical condition or as a direct effect of a substance such as a drug. Pain in one or more anatomical sites is the predominant complaint and is severe enough to require medical or therapeutic intervention.

Common sites of pain include the back (especially lower back), the head, abdomen, and chest. Causes of pain vary depending on the site; however, through medical or psychological observation, the severity, duration, or degree of disability associated with pain disorder, cannot be explained.

Symptoms associated with pain disorder may vary on the site of the pain, however the most common symptoms present regardless of the site include :

  • Negative or distorted cognition, such as feeling helpless or hopeless with respect to pain and its management
  • Inactivity, passivity, and/or disability
  • Increased pain requiring clinical intervention
  • Insomnia or fatigue
  • Disrupted social relationships at home, work, or school
  • Depression and or anxiety

Physical pain is one of the many reasons many people start using potentially addictive substances.  Chronic medication use plus genetic or environmental susceptibility can lead to increased tolerance as a result of searching for pain relief.  Eventually the addictive substance no longer manages the pain.

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