Ways To Cut Your Daily Intake Of Drugs Without Arizona Drug Rehab

A lot of people struggling with drugs have been able to get over the addiction without going for Arizona drug rehab. The truth is that nobody can help you cut down your drug intake if you are not ready. The major reason rehabs fail is because the patient isn’t ready to be rehabilitated. But if you are ready to cut down your intake, below are the necessary tips

1) It starts with you

From the beginning, you have to bear in mind that it starts with you. You have to say it to yourself that you are ready to do what it takes to cut down on the drug drastically. One funny thing with drug addiction is that your there will be an upsurge in the craving immediately you make up your mind to reduce the intake. This implies that you need to double your determination to pull it through. No Arizona drug rehab can help if you are not determined to stop it.

2) How did you get into this

People engage in drug abuse for different reasons. Does it kill certain pains? Does it give you certain relief? You need to figure out what you exactly benefit from the intake of the drug.

3) Look for a safe alternative

When you are able to figure out the reason you take excessive amount of drug. You need to find a healthy alternative. How else can you get the pleasure or relief you enjoy from taking the drug? You might need to see a physician on this. Whatever the problem is, he could suggest a safe alternative

4) Map out a reduction plan

As much as you might want a drastic reduction at once, it may backfire if you do. You may not be able to control the multiplied urge to take the drug. This is because, some parts of your body may have gotten used to the drug. So if you cut it down drastically, those parts of your body will crave for it. It is better to start with a little bit of reduction. Say about four-fifth of your normal amount for about a week. When your body is used to this reduced quantity, you can reduce it further.

5)  Stick to your plan

Sticking to your plan is much more important than mapping it out. Of what use is a plan if you won’t follow it? This will be difficult because you will face a lot of temptations

6) Get busy

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. For an addict, the craving gets to the peak when the mind is idle. So you have to include some necessary activities in your plan. This should keep you busy throughout the day. You will only need to cope with the urge in your rest periods.

7) Make the drug inaccessible

May be you need to change your location or keep the drug out of your reach. You only leave the quantity that conforms to your plan. Craving works with the mind. If the mind realizes that the drug is not available, it has a way of controlling the urge. Have you ever been pressed in location where there is no restroom? You will be holding it as you make frantic efforts to get to the nearest toilet facility. But immediately you hit the toilet, try and see if you can hold it further. It is simply impossible because at that point, the mind does not see any reason to hold it further. It yanks the control from you.

8) See a medical psychologist

If you can afford it, you need to hire a medical psychologist because intake of drug and the resolve to reduce it are both mechanisms of the mind. He will help to position your mind towards resisting the greatest temptations. Even Arizona drug rehab often incudes psychotherapy

In conclusion, the platform on which all these tips can work is your determination to stop it. If not, they will not make any difference. You won’t even carry them out.


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