How Do You Know When It's Time To Visit An Arizona Rehab?

Around the world today, alcohol is the most widely-used drug alongside some other strong substances that causes intoxication. About three million people lose their lives every year as a result of abusing alcohol and drugs according to a report by W.H.O. If you have developed a habit of substance abuse, you need to make a move. You can know when it's time to get help if you are addicted to any substance.

5 Signs It's Time for a Visit to an Arizona Rehab

1) You're Doing Things you Wouldn't Normally Do

Have you had made some decisions while you were intoxicated that threaten your safety or the safety of others? Have you ever been locked up for violence, driving while intoxicated, getting drunk in public, possession of incriminating substance? Or, maybe you are already on parole or probation as a result of being intoxicated? These are pointers that you need help.

2) Experiencing Withdrawal Syndrome

You feel some withdrawal symptoms anytime you stop using a particular substance. If you experience cramps, insomnia, headaches, nausea, irritability, paranoia, or other symptom hours after taking your last dose, you're addicted, and it will only get worse. These withdrawal symptoms only fuel the hold of addiction in your system. It's either you fight it by visiting an Arizona rehab or help it get stronger, by fueling it.

3) You Drive Under the Influence

At the initial stage, It might not look like a big deal. But driving while you're intoxicated or buzzed is a danger to you and every occupant of your vehicle regardless of your level of experience in driving. Even more, in 2010, about one-quarter of drivers under the influence of drugs involved in serious accidents were about 50 years old or more. This is according to a report by If you have developed the habit of driving under the influence, be sure that it’s time to seek for assistance.

4) Substances Abuse Has Affected Your Health

Over a long period, drugs will become harmful to your body. For instance, alcoholism can lead to severe damage to the brain, liver, and heart. Opiate abuse will also slow down the rate of your breathing to a point where it causes severe brain damage. Repeated use of these stimulants will surely lead to psychosis or cardiovascular failure. If you use a syringe, the needles can add to the risk of contracting a deadly disease like hepatitis C or HIV. If the substance you take is causing negative effects on you, it's simply telling you that there is a problem. Pay attention to these signs: do not ignore.

5) Your Family or Friends are Complaining

The people closest to you may be telling you to stop the use of these substances with a concrete reason. It’s much easier for them to observe the changes in your life. So, if the people close to you are feeling concerned, you should be concerned too.


If you are sick and tired of withdrawal symptoms, hangovers, or always thinking about how to get your next hit, you need to visit an Arizona rehab now. You have to find a way out of this situation.


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