10 Reasons Why People Choose The River Source

Deciding where to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most important decisions you can make, either for yourself or a loved one. Many people spend weeks reviewing the various options available, asking questions and finalizing insurance coverage before making their decision. Here at The RS, we do same-day admissions and can provide transportation from the airport to our facilities. We know time is of essence when dealing with an addict, and we don’t waste any of it.

Check out these ten reasons why many addicts and their families ultimately turn to us for treatment.

1. Our Amazing Location

When addiction takes its hold, it’s hard to break this unless the addict is removed from their environment. We strategically chose Arizona because of its year-round warm weather, sunny skies and breathtaking views. This gives recovering addicts the fresh start they need. Our inpatient location is conveniently located just 45 minutes from Phoenix International Airport in Arizona City.

2. Our Knowledgeable and Compassionate Staff

The RS has an extensive team that includes naturopathic doctors, nurses, substance abuse counselors and life coaches. Our staff is very involved with our clients and takes the time to build personal relationships with each one. For instance, we are staffed 24/7 and are always here to help with the detox process.

3. Our Holistic Treatment Approach

Our philosophy is one of holistic healing. We treat the mind, body and spirit, which make up the entire person. At the start of treatment, clients are given an assessment, and we look for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression. We create personalized treatment plans based on the diagnosis and focus on healing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of each client. To accomplish this, we use a variety of holistic treatments, work on developing new skills and initiate a new way of thinking.

4. Our Quaint and Comfortable Residential Facilities

Typically when people see photos of our facility, they don’t know it is a rehab center unless we say so. Our facility is cozy and intimate, essentially the complete opposite of traditional rehab facilities. We have comfy lounge areas, courtyards, dining areas and landscaped grounds. We keep things on a home-like level with hanging artwork, bright lighting and modern decor. When our clients feel safe and comfortable, they can transition into their recovery easier.

5. Our Many Treatment Options, such as Meditation and Neurofeedback

If there’s one thing that The RS is known for, it’s our forward-thinking treatment options. We begin implementing treatments that other rehab centers haven’t even begun to think about. IV therapy and infrared sauna is a winning combination that safely and comfortably gets people through the detox process. Other treatment options include neurofeedback, meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture and massage therapy.

6. Our Safe, Comfortable and Effective Detox Program.

Detox is one of the most dreaded parts of the recovery process, and for good reason. But, we have found a way to make this process as comfortable and quick as possible. Our naturopathic detox program is a 3-10 day process. Clients remain under supervision the entire time, and we use a combination of alternative therapies and conventional medicine to keep clients comfortable. Some of the therapies used include IV therapy, infrared sauna detox, acupuncture, massage therapy and amino acid therapy.

7. Our Affordable Pricing Options

Generally speaking, private treatment is never considered affordable. One call to The RS, and you’ll see that we’re different. Not only do we accept most insurance carriers, but also we have financing options available to those who qualify. We are one of the most affordable drug rehabilitation centers in Arizona and as well as in the entire country, and our monthly cost goes down with subsequent months. Pricing also includes most therapies, including IV therapy. We feel that if someone wants treatment, they deserve to get it.

8. Our Sobriety Guarantee

In addition to our affordable rates, we also have a sobriety guarantee, something that most other centers don’t offer. We are so successful in what we do, we’re able to offer a guarantee and promote it to those who choose us. If a resident completes our 90-day inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program or our full continuum of care and relapses for any reason within a 12 month period, they may return to our center for an appropriate recovery program at no charge.

9. Our Success Rates

It’s difficult to find success rates for addiction treatment centers because relapse is so common. At The RS, we’re proud to report that in 2013, we had a 78% success rate. Our rates tend to be higher than other treatment centers because of the holistic healing that is part of our philosophy. Not only is our treatment comprehensive, but also each client gets an individualized aftercare plan, and we maintain contact with clients up to a year following treatment.

10. Our Support and Interaction with Family Members

Addiction is not something that is limited to the individual addict. It affects everyone – family members, coworkers, neighbors and the community at large. We work closely with the families of our clients with two goals in mind. First, we want to offer support for the family unit. Second, we want to educate family members on the nature of addiction and how they can be positive influences in their loved one’s recovery.

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