18 Signs of Cocaine Use: What to Look For

Cocaine Use Signs and Symptoms

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that is derived from two types of Coca species. An addiction can form relatively quickly and once that happens, the person’s life will slowly but surely become about acquiring more of the drug to get high and dealing with aftereffects. There are several signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse that can reveal the need for professional help including both signs of current abuse and other effects that can be seen:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Social isolation
  3. Powdery residue around the mouth and nose
  4. Burn marks on the lips and fingers
  5. Need for privacy
  6. Mood swings
  7. Period of being highly talkative
  8. Periods of high levels of confidence
  9. Loss of interest in hobbies
  10. Risky behavior such as driving after cocaine use or unprotected sex
  11. Constantly runny nose
  12. Excitability
  13. Depression
  14. Anxiety
  15. Financial problems
  16. Drug cravings
  17. Withdrawal symptoms after not using cocaine
  18. Paranoia

How Addictive is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive controlled substance. Some people may become addicted after their first use of the substance because of how addictive it is coupled with personal addiction risk factors that speed up the formation of addiction. The pleasurable feelings, increased talkativeness, heightened sexual arousal, and sense of alertness can quickly lead to changes in the way the brain functions and a far-reaching addiction.

The tolerance that forms results in the person needing more of the drug to get the same “high” effect, and thereby the cycle of substance abuse becomes rapidly deteriorating in other areas of their life. While the drug may be highly addictive, breaking the cycle of cocaine abuse and addiction is achievable through accredited addiction treatment centers.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Cocaine and crack cocaine are essentially the same stimulant drug. Crack cocaine comes from cocaine itself. Cocaine is derived from Coca plants and crack cocaine is derived from cocaine by combining it with other substances such as sodium bicarbonate and water. The mixture is boiled to allow it to form solid pieces which is why it is often referred to as rocks. The name crack comes from the sound it makes when it is heated and smoked – a cracking sound.

The main difference between cocaine and crack is how the two are ingested.  Powdered cocaine is snorted, injected or swallowed.  Crack cocaine can only be smoked.  Smoking crack results in a rapid high and leads to higher rates of addiction.  Laws for possessing crack and powdered cocaine also differ, with crack possession leading to more severe sentencing.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Since cocaine can have serious impacts on your mental health and physical health, there are many symptoms of cocaine use that become apparent over time. Withdrawal symptoms set in soon after stopping drug use and last about a week. The cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  •         Tremors
  •         Chills
  •         Anxiety
  •         Depression
  •         Extreme fatigue
  •         Difficulty concentrating
  •         Inability to feel pleasure (anhedonia)
  •         Suicidal ideation

How The River Source Can Help

The River Source is an accredited addiction treatment center with ample therapies and treatments to create an ideal personalized treatment plan for you or someone you care about. The negative effects of cocaine can be dealt with through our medical detox program and the causes of your addiction can be treated through our clinically-driven behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

We offer holistic and naturopathic treatment and can treat co-occurring mental health disorders in our dual diagnosis treatment program. Our drug rehab focuses on long-term results and your personalized treatment plan will give you a continuum of care that takes you from day one all the way through to aftercare programs to sustain your recovery.

The River Source is in-network with all major insurance companies.  Call to find out how we can help you or a loved one overcome cocaine addiction.

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