3 Common Barriers to Addiction Recovery

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It is not uncommon for addicts to deny their problems. They might make up every excuse to convince concerned family and friends that they do not have an issue.

Not all addicts are in denial, however. Sometimes, an addict wants to accept help but has barriers standing in their way. This is a sad situation to be in because, without treatment, the addiction can progress.

At The River Source, we believe that when someone wants to be free from addiction, nothing should stand in their way. Here are three common barriers to addiction treatment and how to overcome them.

1. Social Stigma

Even though addiction is now accepted as a brain disease, it still carries a stigma, particularly for women. Studies from SAMHSA and the National Institute of Health have found that the fear of stigma is one of the main barriers to treatment. People worry about what their friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors will think of them.

Education is a powerful tool. Communities need to be educated on addiction as a disease and the societal consequences of not offering treatment. More resources need to be available and known as well. Fortunately, this is addressed during addiction awareness months, such as National Recovery Month in September and Alcohol Awareness Month in April.

2. Cost

Another thing that keeps addicts from getting help is the cost of treatment. Some luxury treatment centers do charge a lot for their services but this does not make them better. There are many excellent inpatient recovery programs that are affordable. The River Source is one example. We have experienced staff, various forms of therapy and a scenic desert location at a reasonable price. We even have a recovery guarantee!

Fortunately, patients are not expected to pay for everything in full. Insurance does help out with treatment costs thanks to the Affordable Care Act. All insurance policies are different, so it’s important for patients to call their carrier directly, find out what is covered and ask about in-network rehabilitation centers.

3. Commitments

The stereotype of an addict is someone who lives on the streets and doesn’t have many responsibilities aside from getting high. This is not reality, though. Addicts come in all forms, including moms and dads that have jobs, homes, and families to take care of. The thought of leaving everything for an extended period of time can seem out of the question.

Outpatient treatment is a possible solution, as addicts can seek therapy and structure while being close to their families. However, outpatient care is not always enough. A local inpatient treatment program can be an alternative. Most facilities allow the family to check in and visit from time to time. In the end, a month or two of being away is worth it to be healed.

The River Source treats adults 18 and older who are dealing with substance abuse problems. Call us and see how we can help you overcome these common barriers by offering affordable inpatient and outpatient programs in a supportive environment.

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