3 Things To Do This Weekend

A weekend in recovery can be tough. You log into your social media account and see that your friends are all going out. You turn on the news and hear about all the cool events going on in your city. You may even text a few friends to see what they’re up to and learn that they’re going to parties or nightclubs. The weekends can feel very, very lonely.

Don’t let these feelings stop you from living your life, however! Just because you are recovering from addiction does not make you homebound. Each person is different, so you will need to take into account where you are in your journey and what you are comfortable doing. That said, here are three things to do this weekend to get yourself out of the home and enjoying life!

  1. Dinner and a Movie

Grab dinner and see a movie, or do both at the same time! There are theaters that also serve up delicious meals and appetizers, accompanied by comfy leather chairs. (These locations do serve alcohol, so keep this in mind.)

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Movies are a great way to kill time. It’s a guaranteed 2-3 hours out of the home, and it’s not an environment that is conducive to drugs and partying. Plus, if you choose a movie that you can relate to, it’s hopeful that you’ll get lost in the movie and have a couple of hours off from your own problems.

While you may not want to see a movie alone, you can. So if your friends are all out, don’t hesitate to catch the latest flick by yourself. You can see whatever you want, sit wherever you want, and even have the popcorn to yourself!

  1. Go Skating

Ice skating or roller skating – take your pick! Park districts are your best bet because they have open skating hours at a fair price. But there are also independently owned skating rinks to check out. Skate rentals are available so you don’t need to do anything but bring yourself.

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What makes skating a nice activity is that you get to listen to loud, energizing music and “skate” your worries away. It’s also nice to be with others, even though you may not personally know anyone there. Plus, you don’t need to be a seasoned pro to put on a pair of skates. Plenty of people are just learning – that’s what the rinks are for! Once you get more comfortable balancing and skating, you may want to try other activities like skiing or snowboarding.

  1. Local Sightseeing

If you live nearby a city, consider yourself lucky. You have a wide range of places to explore including historic museums, art museums, and tourist attractions. But even if you don’t reside next to a large city, there’s a good chance that your community has something to explore.

Research your area on Google and see what types of things come up. There may be a best-rated restaurant or secret fishing location. The purpose of this is to reacquaint yourself with healthy things you can do in your community. You need to replace all the old hangouts with new places and rediscover what your area has to offer.

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