3 Ways to Support a Loved One Going Through Drug Rehab in Arizona

How to Support a Loved One Going Through Drug Rehab

If your loved one is enrolled in an inpatient treatment or outpatient addiction treatment program, they’re experiencing a pivotal time in their lives, a time of immense change. Transitioning from a life dependent on drugs or alcohol to full-time sobriety involves changing unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors relatively short. It’s an intense time of learning, coping, and regaining control over their lives and health. Loved ones can support someone going through drug and alcohol rehab in many different ways. Below are a few you can use to show your loved one you care about them and their addiction recovery journey. When your loved one is going through drug and alcohol detox or other substance abuse treatment, here are the ways to support a loved one going through drug rehab in Arizona:

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1. Reduce Unnecessary Arguing

Stress can be a trigger to use drugs and alcohol. Try to maintain a positive relationship with your loved one at this difficult time. Any close people can wind up arguing, but when your loved one is focused on their drug or alcohol treatment, it’s best to reduce friction so that you don’t interrupt this critical focus.

2. Avoid Judgements

When people are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they can say or do things they wouldn’t work in other circumstances. Try to avoid passing judgments. Guilt will not help your loved one manage their substance use disorder more quickly. Tell them how proud you are of their bravery in entering their treatment center.

3. Encourage Them

During residential inpatient rehab or intensive outpatient treatment, your loved one is bound to have good and bad days. When you talk to them after a difficult day, please encourage them to begin fresh the next day. Remind them that good days and bad days are average when it comes to addiction recovery.

Ways to Support a Loved One Going through Drug Rehab in Arizona

What to Say to Someone in Rehab

When your loved one is going through their recovery process in inpatient drug rehab, it’s helpful to say the right things–the things that matter most to them. Remind them that you love and care for them, that their approach to recovery is inspiring, and that they have already come a long way. Let them know that you are thinking of them and will be there to listen now and after they complete their addiction treatments.

What Not to Say

When your loved one is in a residential treatment center in Arizona for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or dual diagnosis, it’s best to avoid making any comments that might make your loved one feel guilty or shame. They’re in drug rehab learning how to cope with negative emotions, and those types of feelings won’t help them learn more quickly or successfully.

How to Support Your Loved One After Rehab

After your loved one completes their rehab program, remember that they’re not ‘cured.’ Substance use disorders are chronic disorders, and addiction recovery is a long-term process that continues long after drug rehab. You can support your loved one’s continued recovery by encouraging them to attend aftercare programming or continue naturopathic therapies that help healthy living. You might encourage them to seek local 12-step programs near their home in Mesa, AZ, or Tucson, AZ.

Family Therapy and Support at the River Source

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