5 Sober Things To Do On The Weekend

The weekends can bring unique challenges to your recovery. They are a time when people let loose, relax and perhaps head to a bar, nightclub or party for the evening. As you work on rebuilding your life, it can be tempting to want to go outside your comfort zone when you see friends and family venturing out for the weekend.

Going out with friends and family is a key piece of recovery, so don’t feel like you need to stay locked indoors. The key is choosing the right friends and the right activities. If you go to a party where alcohol is available, you’re putting yourself at risk for relapse. The same is true if you tag along with friends to a nightclub, passing places you used to go during your addiction.

Sober Things To Do On The Weekend

Here are five things to inspire you in addiction recovery to prevent boredom but keep you out of trouble.

1. Bowling

Think about joining a bowling league, or just bowling for fun on the weekends. (They do often sell alcohol at bowling alleys, so do be mindful of this.) The nice thing about bowling is that you can go with a group of friends or just one or two. Plus, there’s always good food, fun music and family-friendly crowds to enjoy.

2. Barbecues

When the weather is nice and you don’t feel like going out, host a barbecue at your home. It’s fun to do the shopping – picking out ingredients for hamburgers, kabobs, pasta salads and desserts. Barbecues make for low-key evenings with friends and family, and you can control the situation better since it’s at your home. Top off the night with a bonfire and s’mores.

3. Movie Nights

Movie nights are great for when you don’t want to talk, but you still want to go out and be with a few friends. Don’t limit yourself to what’s in the theater, either. Check out movie nights in the park or drive-in movies. Plus, you can bring your own drinks and snacks to these movie nights, saving on money and junk food.

4. Museums And Art Centers

If you live nearby a large city, consider spending the weekend downtown and visiting some of the attractions. Even if you live in a small town, there are probably museums and art or historical centers to visit. Coming out of recovery, you probably have a unique perspective on life, so now is the time to appreciate history and art in your local area.

5. Walking Or Hiking

Nothing is more refreshing than taking a walk outdoors. There are so many lovely places to hike, you can easily find a path that appeals to you. Perhaps you enjoy climbing up rocky hills, or maybe you prefer a nice easy path through a forest preserve. Walking or hiking clears the mind, gets you out in the fresh air and restores your energy. It’s also a good time to connect spiritually.

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