5 Things To Make You Smile In Recovery

Starting recovery is a scary, unfamiliar path. You don’t know what to expect, how it will feel to be sober and how to exist without your drug of choice. While no one has ever claimed that recovery is easy, it doesn’t have to be the difficult, arduous process that you think it is. There are many things to hope for and make you smile while going through addiction recovery.

Things To Make You Smile In Recovery

Here are five things to smile about now that you’re in recovery according to addiction recovery client testimonials.

1. You Wake Up Feeling Good Each Morning

The days of waking up hungover or coming off a high are over. At one point, you were constantly seeking drugs or alcohol to achieve a high, but nothing feels good about coming down from these drugs. Each morning you wake up, take a few minutes to enjoy the new you. You should have more energy, boosted confidence and the will to stay on this path.

2. You Are Repairing Your Relationships With Friends And Family

It’s a horrible feeling when you see the people you love stop trusting you. Unfortunately, addiction strips away your identity and even close friends and family will feel like they don’t know you. Now that you’re sober, you can start working on these relationships. It will take time to build the trust, but don’t let that discourage you. It will feel good to make these connections again.

3. If You Stay On The Right Track, The Worst Is Behind You

Admitting you have a problem and entering treatment are some of the hardest days. The longer you are in recovery, the easier it becomes. That’s not to say that you won’t have hard days, but there will be fewer over time. Even on your worst days, remind yourself how far you’ve come and that you never have to return to that point in your life. The future is bright.

4. You Are Ready To Find Your Purpose In Life

When you were addicted, you probably felt that you didn’t have much to offer the world. Today, you should feel differently. You may still be uncertain of what you want to do with your life, and that’s perfectly normal. But you should start seeing some direction and how you can benefit society. These feelings are expedited when you practice the 12 steps and volunteer your time.

5. You’ve Added Valuable Years Onto Your Life

There was a time when people assumed you wouldn’t be around much longer. That’s not the case anymore. You’ve added years onto your life – good years. Think about all the things you will get to do and see now that drugs and alcohol aren’t controlling you.

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