5 Ways to Discover Your Purpose in Life

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life purpose

Do you have a sense of purpose?

For some recovering addicts, a sense of purpose can seem out of reach. This usually happens because addicts are isolated from other people. They cannot imagine themselves helping others or making a difference in the world because drugs or alcohol consume them. Even something simple like arriving to a family event on time can be a challenge.

When you begin treatment, one of the things you will cover is your purpose in life. What special gifts or talents do you have? What types of goals do you want to accomplish?

Everyone has a purpose in this life. Finding it may take some work, though. Below we share five ways to discover your life purpose.

1. Follow your hobbies.

One of the best ways to find what motivates you is by following your hobbies. What types of activities do you enjoy? Some people love to be outdoors – hiking, biking or walking through the trails. Others prefer indoor activities that use the mind and hands such as knitting or painting. Your hobbies tell a lot about who you are as a person and where you find meaning in life.

2. Ask others about your special qualities.

Another way to find your passions is to ask those closest to you what they appreciate most. Are you honest and truthful? Do you have a “way” with children or animals? Is your spirit comforting and genuine? The same “you” is still in there, so find out what loved ones value most about you. These reminders help you reconnect with your true self and find happiness.

3. Read nonfiction books and write narratives.

Reading and writing encourage you to think differently about yourself. Dig into books and put yourself in the shoes of the main characters. As you see meaning in their lives, you may be able to see it in your own. Or, try writing a narrative about your life. What types of things have you done that have helped others? What strengths do you have? How can you apply these strengths to the real world?

4. Volunteer your time in the community.

There is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and helping others. You can then see what gives you the feeling of, “This is where I’m supposed to be.” Communities have endless ways to give back such as by helping out at animal shelters, food pantries and homeless centers. If you’re more of an introvert, consider planting trees or cleaning up trash at the local parks. The more activities you try, the more you can find what speaks to your heart.

5. Ask what qualities you enjoy giving most.

The way others see you is important, but what’s more important is the way you see yourself. What qualities do you enjoy giving to the world most? Is it love and joy? Patience and understanding? Peace and acceptance? When you identify your qualities, think about how you express them. For example, to be patient and understanding, you must be a good listener and non-judgemental.

Are you ready to find your purpose in life? It all starts with getting clean and sober. Call The River Source to learn about our substance abuse recovery programs that include detox, counseling and continuing care.