6 Naturopathic Therapies That Aid Addiction Treatment

What Is Naturopathic Therapy?

Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal by using many holistic treatments, including herbs, acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise, vitamin therapy, yoga, tai chi, and nutritional counseling. As a holistic system, it aims to find the cause of disease by understanding a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Naturopathic and holistic therapies focus on supporting the body’s own healing abilities and empowering people to make adequate lifestyle changes for the best health possible.

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6 Naturopathic Therapies for Treating Addiction

A combination of clinical and holistic approaches to drug rehab can significantly improve a person’s ability to recover from drug and alcohol abuse and process addictions fully. Naturopathic medicine can help drug and alcohol addiction by getting to the root of it and helping the person heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual damages of drug addiction. Holistic therapies are also beneficial in easing withdrawal symptoms and reducing the risk of relapse. Some holistic therapies used in treating addiction include:


Acupuncture therapy can help ease aches and pains and symptoms of co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression, which can also be a powerful tool in dual diagnosis programs.

Massage therapy

Massage is helpful in drug and alcohol detox and rehab to reduce aches and pain, relieve stress, and reduce the tension that comes up during drug addiction treatment.

Yoga and Tai Chi

As both meditation therapy and exercise therapy, yoga and tai chi has helped many in recovery ease pain and work on mindfulness and symptoms of mental illness associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Exercise and Fitness therapy

Exercise is essential to addiction recovery because it can help regulate neurotransmitters, strengthen the body, reduce stress, and help build new healthy behaviors.

Nutrition Therapy

Those who struggle with drug addiction often struggle with nutritional deficiencies as well. Nutrition therapy can be a vital component of helping to rebuild health systems and introduce a new way of healthy living in addiction recovery.


Several homeopathic remedies can ease withdrawal symptoms and mental illness symptoms associated with substance abuse, which can be especially beneficial in pregnant women who cannot take some harsher medication-assisted treatment drugs.

A La Carte Naturopathic Services at The River Source

At The River Source, we incorporate many holistic therapies into our detox and drug rehab programs which can be purchased “A La Carte” anytime during substance abuse treatments. You can select from our menus of naturopathic and holistic therapies below to enhance your comfort and support with us during your residential treatment and addiction recovery journey.

Acupuncture Therapy

Additional acupuncture sessions can be purchased to further soothe pain, improve sleep, and reduce cravings, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Comprehensive Blood Panel

You can upgrade your lab work with our comprehensive blood test, which will test for various health issues, diseases, and deficiencies.

Massage Therapy

Additional massage therapy sessions are also available if you want more help to relieve aches and pains while helping you relax.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Through vitamin IV nutrition therapy, you can replenish your body’s system it needs to recover fully and regain function.

Enhanced Supplement Package

You can purchase a 60-day supply of premium health supplements with curated packages targeting anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, ADHD, and advanced alcohol recovery.

B-Vitamin Booster Shot

Through a quick shot, you can address vitamin B deficiency while boosting energy, mood, and overall mental clarity.

Our Integrative Approach to Addiction Treatment

At The River Source, our integrative approach combines the most effective conventional addiction treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy with holistic addiction treatments, including nutrition therapy and massage therapy, to help treat all aspects of substance use disorder and help our clients achieve the best addiction recovery outcomes.

Our treatment center is founded on treating addiction and the person as a whole, not just their symptoms. This approach to drug addiction treatment has provided us with clinically-driven results and the ability to personalize treatment plans for each client. Please call us at 866-294-9331 today for more information about our recovery center and substance abuse treatment programs.

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