7 Early Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be incredibly devastating for those who are both dealing with it or have a loved one with the addiction. While it might not always be apparent that someone has a drug addiction, there are a few common warning signs that you can look out for if you suspect a relative or friend is using drugs and has formed an addiction to them. Looking for these warning signs can give you the chance to reach out to that individual and get them the help that they need.

1. Withdrawal From Family and Friends

Someone who is addicted to drugs might not want to hang out with their family and friends in fear of being caught using or looking as though they use drugs. Also, a change in the people the addict hangs out with could be a sign that there is something going on concerning an addiction.

2. Change in Appearance and Cleanliness

This isn’t to say that just because someone changes their hairstyle means they’re using drugs, but there are other signs to look out for when it comes to someone who is forming an addiction. Someone who is addicted to drugs may not put as much effort into their appearance anymore, and they might not bathe or shower for days or weeks at a time. Also, a sudden weight loss that doesn’t look to be done in a healthy manner could be a sign that something deeper is going on in that person’s life.

3. Not Having Money for Bills and Expenses Despite Working

If your relative or friend works and never seems to have enough money for rent, bills and everyday expenses, there could be reason to believe that a drug addiction is apparent. It’s true that most people deal with money problems and sometimes will not have enough to pay certain things, but this shouldn’t be the case if the person is working and has no other bills to pay and still complains about not having any money. The individual may also constantly borrow money from their family and friends and say that it is for a bill or other expense.

4. Being Fired From a Job and Not Telling Why

Most companies now do regular drug screening on their employees to ensure that the work environment stays safe and professional. If a loved one was recently let go from a job and either didn’t say why or gave another excuse that didn’t make sense, this could be a sign that they were drug tested and failed the test. Most jobs will let someone go on the spot if they test positive for drugs.

5. Being Secretive and Suspicious

Someone who is addicted to drugs and is trying to hide it from family and friends will be very secretive to those around them. They might run into a room and grab something before you have a chance to go in there, such as a bathroom or bedroom. They might act suspicious and constantly have their eyes open for what everyone is doing or saying around them.

6. Not Participating in Their Favorite Hobbies and Activities

Everyone changes their hobbies and activities throughout their life, but a sudden disinterest in their favorite things could be a sign that they have an addiction to drugs. Depression and other mental disorders tend to have the same symptom, so it’s never a good idea to lump someone into the drug category just because they don’t feel like doing their favorite hobby any longer. This is just another symptom to look for if you suspect someone is using drugs.

7. Life Revolves Around Drug Use

If you or your loved one’s life revolves around drug use, it’s a sign that there is a deep addiction apparent that needs help recovering from. Addictions to drugs can be difficult to handle on one’s own, so it’s very important to reach out for help whether you’re using drugs yourself or feel like one of your friends or relatives is using.

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