8 Things You Should Know About Drug Withdrawal And Detox

The first step to recovery is detox. Though many addicts fear this initial stage, there are ways to make the process more safe and comfortable. It also helps to know what to expect so that you can be well prepared. Here are 8 things to know about drug withdrawal and detox.

Things You Should Know About Drug Withdrawal And Detox

1. Withdrawal Is A Physical Response That Occurs When A Long-Term Drug Is Abruptly Stopped

Think of your brain as a spring. When you take drugs, they push down on the brain and decrease the production of neurotransmitters. When you stop a drug, your brain springs back up (as it should) and produces withdrawal symptoms.

2. Each Drug Has A Different Withdrawal Cycle

Some drugs (alcohol, tranquilizers, opiates) produce strong physical effects, while others (cocaine, marijuana, MDMA) produce more emotional ones. Every person has a different withdrawal pattern, so it’s possible that you may experience more emotional than physical symptoms (or vice versa) based on your individual personality and the drug(s) you’re abusing.

3. Time Frame Of Withdrawal Symptoms Can Vary

There are differences in the length of withdrawal symptoms based on the drug. Heroin is removed from the system quickly, with symptoms showing up within 12 hours. Each person is different, too. On average, detox takes 2-3 days. Physical symptoms leave soonest; emotional ones can linger for several weeks.

4. Some Withdrawal Symptoms Can Be Deadly

Withdrawal is never comfortable, but some symptoms really do have the potential to be fatal. These drugs include alcohol and benzodiazepines. Withdrawal from these drugs benefits from careful monitoring, a slowly reduced dosage, and holistic vitamin therapy.

5. Drug Detox Does Not Work On Its Own

It’s only one piece to breaking the cycle of addiction. It’s a necessary one, as it’s the piece that removes the drug from the body and prepares you mentally, physically, and emotionally for recovery. But it’s important to remember that detox is not a cure-all for addiction. A transition to an individualized drug and alcohol treatment program is needed directly after detoxification.

6. Detox Should Take Place In A Supervised Medical Setting

Because of the risk of fatal withdrawal symptoms, detox should always be carried out in a medical facility. A naturopathic detox program is particularly ideal because it includes naturopathic doctors, 24/7 monitoring, and both conventional and holistic therapies.

7. Detox Doesn’t Always Work On The First Try

Not everyone is able to complete drug detox on the first try. While this is the ideal experience, it’s important not to be discouraged if you’re not successful the first time around. You must be willing to try another naturopathic detox program.

8. Not All Detox Programs Are The Same

It’s true. Some detox programs are limited and only focus on removing the drug from the body. Others use therapies like infrared sauna and holistic vitamin therapy to boost mental and spiritual health. These advanced programs set the stage for a successful recovery.

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