A Step By Step Guide To The Natural Drug Detox Process

When the body is going through detox, it is already under immense stress. During medical detox methods, the added medications increase that stress on the body and natural drug detox attempts to remove that stress. In this detox, it is believed that chemicals are not good for a detoxifying body and thus, addictive medications are not used for detox. Instead, an attempt is made to remove the toxins in the body by following a natural approach. Various techniques are also used along with this to heal the body inside out. Some supplements help in the treatment process for energizing the body and helping with the detox process.

Step by Step Guide: The following steps are usually followed in natural drug detox:

• Drinking Lots of Water – During the detox process, your kidneys work overtime. By drinking lots of water, you help your kidneys in flushing out the toxins from your system. The recommended dosage is about 12 glasses of water every day. It would also make you feel lighter and improve your health during detox.

• Cardiovascular Exercises – Every day, you have to spend one-hour doing cardio exercises. You can choose any option – running, swimming or aerobics – but exercising is absolutely important. It is essential for strengthening the vital organs like the heart, lungs, and liver. It also leads to sweating which is another way of eliminating toxins from the system.

• Sauna – Visiting the sauna can be therapeutic and practical during natural drug detox. The skin is the biggest organ in the body and has a lot of pores. In order to allow these pores to breathe, they have to be opened up and sitting in the sauna for even half an hour can often do the trick. When you sweat, toxins are ejected out of your body.

• Resting – Sleeping is to humans what rebooting is for computing systems – it is needed to rejuvenate the body, remove any mental and physical discomforts, and heal it completely. During your natural detox process, you will have a set time to go to bed and wake up, ensuring that you get enough sleep.

• Planned Meals – Planned meals rich in nutrients are there to assist in the detox procedure and also give you some much-needed strength. Lean meats such as fish, eggs, chicken and other non-fatty options are added to the diet. Various raw veggies and fruits are also included. Pasta, beans, potatoes and whole grains are there for energy. Often, multivitamin supplements including Vitamin B and C are offered to the patient. Supplements for magnesium, potassium, and calcium can also be included.

• Natural Foods – Various natural foods are used for detoxifying the body. For instance, seaweed is an excellent food that doesn’t allow drugs to get absorbed into your system. Its benefits can be experienced by consuming 2 – 3 oz. of dried seaweed on a daily basis during the detox period. Sodium alginate in seaweed binds to the remnants of drugs in the system and stops their absorption.

• Supplements – Certain natural supplements can be extremely useful in helping with the detox process and withdrawal symptoms. Supplements of Dandelion flower, for instance, come in 500 mg tablets and are used during natural detox. They consist of inulin which helps in bile production and detoxifies internal organs.

• Herbal Teas – Herbal teas have been used for centuries to detoxify the body and even in the drug detox, they can be extremely useful. Fresh ginger contains Gingerol as its active ingredient and tea made from ginger can help to induce sweating in the body. Thus, any remaining drugs are ejected through the pores of the skin.

• Post-detox – Even after the withdrawal symptoms, techniques like yoga and meditation are used for holistic treatment.

When you are addicted to illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, alcohol, medications and painkillers, or any other addictive substance, you can follow the natural drug detox process. Rehabs are slowly cropping up everywhere in support of this method of drug detox. Basically, natural drug detox has one motto – it works for the holistic treatment of an individual. Thus, natural drug detox is one part of a bigger plan, the final results of which involve holistic improvement in the life of an individual.

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