After Relapsing, Client Successfully Gets Help and Support from The River Source

Gilbert, Arizona—A recovering addict fell back into substance use but was able to resume her journey to sobriety at The River Source and was so grateful she left a five-star review on Google.

“I have been to other treatments before checking into River Source and although I did accumulate 3 1/2 years of sobriety I fell off once again,” wrote the client, named Allie. “In desperation and need of help and support, my husband found River Source. I was scared and reluctant to go in at first but as the days passed and as I settled into residential it became more clear to me this was a fantastic place for me to start fresh and gain new tools on my long journey ahead.”

Allie attended The River Source in Gilbert, Arizona, one of five locations of the fully accredited drug and alcohol rehab center. At all locations, clients find the entire continuum of addiction treatment, from detox to residential treatment and lifetime alumni services. 

The River Source is so confident in the quality of its treatment programs and the success they help clients create, it offers a unique 100% Recovery Guarantee. Anyone who relapses within one year f successfully completing the full continuum of care can return for treatment at no charge.

The guarantee is based on research showing that adults who complete 30 days or less of treatment have a 40% higher chance of relapsing than those who complete 90 or more days of treatment. The River Source Recovery Guarantee was designed to significantly improve those odds by supporting clients throughout the full continuum of care.

Also contributing to clients’ success is The River Source’s comfortable setting. While not luxurious, it offers features and amenities designed to keep the client’s focus on their recovery, make them feel valued and show them that life without artificial stimulation can be pleasant and even happy. Clients can watch TV in detox and in residential areas. Facilities include fitness equipment, games and recreational activities.

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“I strongly encourage doing the full treatment (residential, PHP [Partial Hospitalization Program], IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program]),” Allie advised in her review. “I have gained so many new fellow friends in recovery by doing PHP and look forward to going into IOP soon.”

The River Source’s PHP option is an outpatient treatment program, but many participants still live in a structured living facility like a sober living home, where they can transition to life outside a hospital setting but still have support and  community from others sharing their journey. Clients who complete the program usually progress to a less intensive phase, often stepping down to the IOP program as Allie stated.

The IOP option is a 30-day program usually recommended for clients transitioning from residential treatment who still need some supervision. Its purpose is to reinforce the basic principles of recovery while building the skills needed for life beyond treatment. Clients have access to therapy and educational workshops designed to help them build practical skills for maintaining sobriety when they return to their daily lives. They enjoy many of the same recovery resources that were available to them during residential care, without the round-the-clock setting. 

Allie concluded her review with a solid thumbs-up on The River Source.

“This facility really does show every day how much they care and want the best for their patients. I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re in need of a quality place focused on recovery and fellowship.”

For information on Arizona’s premier drug and alcohol rehab program, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.

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