Albuquerque Drug Addiction Rehab

Albuquerque Drug Addiction Rehab: When Professional Help Is Needed

Substance use disorders are characterized by an inability to control or stop the use of substances –either drugs or alcohol. The unique aspect of addictive behaviors is that there isn’t a designated cause or predisposing factors leading to an addiction’s onset. Each person living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol has their own individual circumstances and underlying causes that have contributed to their history of substance abuse. To effectively treat an addiction to substances, you must access leading therapy methods specific to you and your personal needs for healing at an Albuquerque drug addiction rehab center.

Your substance use patterns will influence the severity of the physical and psychological dependence developed on your drug of choice. To safely address the dependency that has been established, the support of experienced addiction therapists and medical teams within a rehab program can provide you with appropriate therapeutic approaches. Patients can safely complete a drug detox by minimizing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms through medical and holistic therapies. After addressing the physical addiction to substances, you’ll move into a rehab program to explore the root causes of your addictive behaviors, heal from those influences, and gain the tools for maintaining long-term recovery.

The River Source offers a drug rehab program near Albuquerque focused on healing from the impacts of substance use within your body, mind, and spirit. Through our holistic, whole-person integrated approach to healing, patients are invited to participate in a comprehensive treatment plan– including traditional talk therapy, medical treatments, and holistic and alternative methods for healing. We believe treatment comes in three steps:

  1. Healing the body- Patients are invited to engage in naturopathic treatments that are designed to restore their physical health to its natural state. Therapy methods can include dry sauna detox, medical treatments to taper off substances within drug detox near Albuquerque, and medication assistance to maintain your safety and comfort.
  2. Healing the mind- This recovery stage focuses on how addiction influences your mind. We believe that substance use disorders begin within your mind before developing a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. This recovery process will invite you to use several evidence-based therapy methods to heal from the underlying emotions or traumas contributing to your addictive behaviors.
  3. Healing the spirit- This final process encourages patients to explore their spirituality. We believe a strong spiritual connection gives you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. Patients can engage in therapeutic methods of 12-step programs, attend church if applicable for them, and learn to mend relationships. As your spiritual connection is strengthened, it increases your capacity to maintain long-term recovery.

For more information on how our addiction treatment programs can help heal drug or alcohol dependence, please give The River Source a call at 866-294-9331.

Will Insurance Help Pay for Drug Addiction Rehab?

Most major insurance companies recognize the importance of treatment for substance use disorders and mental or behavioral health conditions. As they are classified as a disease, insurance companies identify the need for appropriate medical and psychological care for treatment. Each insurance plan offers varying levels of coverage depending on your specific policy. Most companies will cover a portion or, in some cases, all of your rehab program. If you’re unsure about the coverage offered within your specific plan, the team at The River Source can verify your insurance to identify the addiction treatment insurance coverage available to you. Any costs remaining after your insurance is applied can be paid through payment plan options that best suit you and your current financial situation. Our insurance specialists and admission team are dedicated to you receiving the help you seek without worrying about financial barriers. We’ll work with you to get started on your recovery process without setting you back financially.

Albuquerque NM Drug Addiction Rehab

5 Benefits of Traveling for Treatment at an Out-of-State Rehab

Drug rehab programs are offered within numerous cities across the nation. Each treatment center has recovery programs that are specific to that facility. Each offers unique amenities and treatment methods that can benefit your recovery process.

  1. Gives patients a fresh start- The act of leaving your hometown to enter into a new place to undergo addiction treatment provides a tangible experience representing a new beginning. You’re entering a new environment centered around healing from substance use while embracing a new future in recovery.
  2. A safe environment free of environmental distractions or triggers- A rehab program outside your usual living space and community means avoiding environmental triggers. You’ll be away from any negative social or community-based triggers and, instead, surround yourself with others that are on similar journeys for recovery.
  3. Additional privacy – A rehab program outside your local area helps increase confidentiality for your recovery journey. You’ll be participating in treatment with others traveling for rehab or living outside your home city. This can help you feel assured that your healing will remain private.
  4. Your focus can remain on your treatment program- Patients that are healing in a local rehab may experience higher temptations to stay connected to their prior responsibilities at home. By removing yourself from your normal environment, it increases your ability to place your attention and focus on your individualized treatment plan and goals for recovery.
  5. Options to use specific therapy methods- Each treatment center offers specific niches and specialties. Traveling for rehab can allow you to access specific forms of therapy that you deem necessary for your healing process.

How to Choose the Best Drug Addiction Rehab

Addiction treatment is diverse and offered within varying levels of care and forms of therapeutic approaches. Your experience with addiction is unique to you. To effectively heal from your substance use disorder, you want to find a treatment program that is relevant and meaningful to you.

When you’re deciding on the right rehab facility for you, there are several factors and options available that will inform your decision. The first step is determining the levels of care that you wish to participate in. You can pick from an inpatient rehab program where you’ll reside within the recovery center or an outpatient program that invites you to attend the treatment center for therapy sessions and return home each night.

Secondly, you want to find appropriate forms of addiction therapy for you and your self-identified goals for recovery. Each treatment facility offers specific evidence-based therapy methods along with certain amenities and services that are unique to each center.

Lastly, explore the location and costs associated with each treatment center. You’ll have the option of choosing a local or out-of-town rehab program. After determining the right path for your recovery journey, you can take the first step towards recovery by speaking with the admission staff and entering the recovery center of your choice.

The River Source Is the Best Choice for Drug Addiction Rehab for Albuquerque Residents

At The River Source, we know you have what it takes to heal from your substance use disorder. All you need is the right levels of care and support from an Albuquerque drug rehab. Our team is committed to your success in addiction recovery and will be with you every step of the way. Through our comprehensive approaches to treatment and healing, you can heal from your past addictive behaviors and develop the tools to maintain long-term recovery.

If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, call us today 866-294-9331. We’re available 24/7 to take your call, answer any questions you have, and invite you to our recovery center today to begin your personalized treatment program.

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