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Alcohol Detox Gilbert AZ: Treating Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol detox is generally the first step to overcoming an alcohol dependence or addiction. It’s not uncommon for people about to enroll in alcohol addiction treatment to view the detox with some apprehension since it’s associated with withdrawal symptoms, but detox is actually the shortest phase of the recovery process. Plus, clinicians who oversee medical detox provide medications and other treatments that can drastically reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, allowing clients to relax and get the rest they need as their body begins to heal. River Source features clinically supervised alcohol detox in Gilbert, AZ. We support clients throughout each phase of their recovery journey.

Alcohol detox targets a person’s physical dependence. After discontinuing all use of alcohol, the body feels as if it’s ‘rebelling’ against the idea as withdrawal symptoms set in. The symptoms may begin mildly but often progressively worsen, usually peaking between 24-72 hours after the last drink. Although withdrawal can be unpleasant, the body is actually pushing out/removing the alcohol toxins from the body. The process lasts about a week and when it’s complete, the individual is no longer physically dependent on alcohol and is ready to move on to the next phase of their alcohol addiction treatment in Gilbert, AZ.

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Withdrawal After Quitting Drinking

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms vary. Someone who has been addicted for a long time may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms, but each person’s chemistry is unique. Someone addicted for a short time may still experience severe symptoms, so it’s essential to undergo detox in a medical facility such as a rehab center or hospital. Detox itself is not a dangerous process, but withdrawal can be. In some cases, alcohol withdrawal can trigger a set of severe symptoms known as delirium tremens, which can include shaking, hallucinations, fever, and confusion.

Severe symptoms like delirium tremens can trigger health complications like seizures or heart irregularities. That’s why it’s important to undergo medical detox and not attempt to detox at home. At The River Source, we treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms to eliminate them or, at least, to greatly reduce their severity so that clients can rest as comfortably as possible. Reducing withdrawal symptoms is safer for clients’ overall health. Rest is an important part of the process because it supports the body’s natural healing processes as they work to remove alcohol toxins.

Who Needs Alcohol Detox?

Anyone who is physically dependent on alcohol or who has an alcohol addiction typically needs to detox to overcome that dependency. What’s the difference between alcohol addiction and alcohol dependency? A dependency refers to the physical reliance a person has on alcohol. Someone may be physically dependent on a substance without being addicted. Addiction involves physical dependence but also psychological and behavioral dependencies. If you have tried to stop drinking but experienced withdrawal symptoms, you may be dependent and/or addicted; in either case, medical detox is the safest way to break that dependence.

An alcohol addiction, like many other forms of substance use disorders, can be quite powerful. Alcohol is extremely addictive. Undergoing medical detox helps reduce the risk of relapse as clients can detox with greater comfort with treatment. Someone who is addicted or dependent on alcohol should not attempt to quit drinking alone because it’s unsafe from a medical perspective; it’s often not effective either. By detoxing at The River Source, clients get the support they need to maintain their recovery journey.

Timeline of Alcohol Detox in Gilbert, AZ

At The River Source alcohol detox Gilbert, AZ, we individualize treatment, so one person’s alcohol detox experience might be longer or shorter than someone else’s. Some people complete the process in five days. Others need more time to complete their medical detox process. A person’s chemistry and the length of time they’ve been addicted to alcohol will impact the time frame. Also, we treat each person’s withdrawal symptoms. While many people experience similar symptoms such as headache, insomnia, or nausea, others might struggle with depression or chills. Our clinicians provide clients with personalized treatment to detox as safely and comfortably as possible.

The first phase of detox may involve mild withdrawal symptoms. Some clients feel comfortable leaving their rooms and even enjoy rehab amenities. Other clients prefer to rest. Withdrawal symptoms, as mentioned, usually peak between 24-72 hours from the last drink of alcohol. Our clinicians will treat any symptoms that arise with medications or, in some cases, naturopathic therapies that support healing and comfort.

After withdrawal peaks, symptoms will gradually subside; although some people may experience lingering symptoms such as headaches or cravings after completing the process, these symptoms, too, can be treated and will eventually diminish. The fact is, many people feel good by the end of the detox. They feel physically and mentally ready to begin their next phase of treatment.

Alcohol Detox Rehab Gilbert AZWhat Comes Next After Alcohol Detox?

It’s important to remember that alcohol detox is the first step in the rehab recovery process. Detox is necessary for overcoming physical alcohol dependence, but it isn’t a cure for an alcohol use disorder. The physical dependence may be strong, but after a week to 10 days, that aspect of addiction is over. So, why are there such high rates of alcohol relapse? More than 85% of people with an alcohol addiction relapse at least once. Why? Often, the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction trigger a relapse. That’s why post-detox addiction treatment is essential.

After clients complete medical detox, they can begin their rehab treatment program. Some clients continue to undergo inpatient treatment. Others may transition right away or eventually into an outpatient rehab program. This part of the recovery process lasts longer than detox because it’s more involved. The psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction are complex, so it takes some time to address them and help each person successfully manage the triggers that led them to abuse alcohol–the same triggers can cause relapse if left untreated.

River Source Offers Alcohol Detox for Gilbert, AZ, Residents

River Source is renowned for its clinically driven alcohol and drug addiction rehab programs. Detox is usually step one in the treatment process for alcohol addiction. Our alcohol detox Gilbert, AZ facility is staffed by experienced clinicians who provide around-the-clock support for clients. We treat all clients with dignity and respect. We offer many different treatments–medical and naturopathic–that reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms so that clients can complete this process in as much comfort as possible.

Our treatments can help speed up detox and boost the body’s healing processes. Nutritional support, for example, can enhance clients’ health as their body overcomes their dependence. Once detox is complete, clients have options for inpatient or outpatient treatment. Our rehab programs also include medically sanctioned and naturopathic therapies. By addressing each aspect of alcohol addiction, we can help our clients build a strong recovery foundation.

Clients who enroll in our comprehensive addiction treatment program receive our guarantee; if they relapse within a year after treatment, they can return for free. We’ve developed a robust treatment program that is renowned for its success. We can help you end your dependence on alcohol for good. Medical detox is the first important step of the journey. Contact us at 866-294-9331 to enroll or learn more about our treatment programs.

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