Alcohol Rehab: Tucson Treatment Options

Alcohol Rehab Tucson: How Common is Alcoholism?

Alcohol use has been a part of American culture throughout history. To this day, alcohol use continues to be a fixture in many Americans’ lives. Alcohol is commonly a part of many American traditions including holidays and social gatherings and used to cope with many turning to alcohol as a way to manage stress and escape from difficult situations or emotions. With liquor stores present in most communities, the presence of alcohol is seen daily by Americans leading to a false sense of normalcy with alcohol abuse. However, alcoholism has become a leading concern for Americans with approximately 15 million Americans struggling with alcohol use disorders across the nation. Alcohol abuse is associated with several health risks and each year approximately 95,000 Americans lose their life to alcohol-related causes. With the overwhelming prevalence of alcoholism, alcohol rehab in Tucson is available to help residents overcome their addiction issues.

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Alcohol Rehab Tucson: 12 Signs It’s Time for Treatment

If you are concerned about your alcohol abuse or a loved one’s use of alcohol and want to know if it is time to seek support within an alcohol rehab program. Common signs of being mindful of that indicate that it is time to address your alcohol abuse within an alcohol rehab program in Tucson include:

  1. Expressing a desire to quit your use of alcohol but experiencing failed attempts at doing so
  2. Experiencing challenges in your performance at school or work due to your alcohol consumption
  3. You have begun to experience physical health concerns due to your alcohol abuse but continue to drink regardless
  4. Relationships with your friends and family have become strained as a result of your drinking behaviors
  5. You have developed a dependency on alcohol which has resulted in you needing to drink alcohol each day to feel normal
  6. Your addiction to alcohol has become the main focus in your life and you begin to value it more than your other hobbies or interests
  7. You are missing important obligations such as work, school, or family commitments due to your alcohol abuse
  8. Lying or hiding your alcohol abuse from others
  9. You have experienced legal problems as a result of your alcohol abuse
  10. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking alcohol
  11. Loved ones have expressed their concern for you and your drinking patterns
  12. Having financial problems due to your money being spent on fuelling your alcohol addiction

Types of Alcohol Rehab in Tucson

Each person living with an alcohol addiction will experience varying levels of severity in addiction which will require different levels of care for addiction treatment in Tucson. Alcohol rehab is offered in stages depending on where you are at within your recovery journey including:

  • Alcohol detox– is often the first step in many people’s recovery journey as it focuses on healing from the physical dependency that has developed from alcohol use. During alcohol detox, you will reside within the recovery center to begin the process of cleansing your body of the physical dependence and harmful influences of alcohol with ongoing medical supervision. As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you will be provided with leading medical treatments and evidence-based therapy methods to maintain your overall health and safety.
  • Inpatient alcohol rehab– Patients participating in inpatient rehab will stay within the treatment facility to undergo addiction treatment. Each day will be structured with various addiction therapy sessions, holistic treatments, physical exercise, and social engagements to help provide a whole-person integrated approach to healing. Inpatient rehab helps people in early recovery establish a new daily routine that fosters sobriety, health, and wellness.
  • Outpatient rehab– Patients that are looking for a flexible treatment schedule that enables them to continue to work or attend school while engaging in addiction treatment. Outpatient enables patients to choose when to attend the treatment center for addiction therapy sessions with the freedom to return home each night to their loved ones. Outpatient treatment is often a stepping stone for patients who have completed inpatient rehab and are looking for continued support in maintaining addiction recovery.
  • Aftercare programs– After completing an alcohol rehab program, you must have the support to ensure long-lasting success in sober living. Aftercare programs will invite you to continue with addiction therapy and 12-step recovery programs and engage in relapse prevention planning that will allow you to safely overcome any triggers and maintain your sobriety.

Alcohol Rehab Tucson Treatments

Alcohol addiction impacts each person differently which is why there cannot be a one size fits all approach to healing from addiction. Each person will require different methods of treatment that will be individualized to each person’s needs. Alcohol rehab will incorporate a variety of evidence-based therapy methods that will support patients in healing from the underlying causes of addiction. Patients will be invited to participate in behavioral therapy methods that will enable them to explore the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are linked to their addiction. Patients can engage in behavioral therapy sessions through individual and group therapy sessions.

In addition, holistic and naturopathic treatments available will support you in restoring your physical and emotional health through alternative treatment methods and healing practices. At The River Source, patients are invited to participate in naturopathic treatments such as amino acid therapy, IV or oral vitamin therapy, dry infrared therapy, yoga, and massage therapy that will help them safely and holistically heal from the physical impacts of addiction.

To support patients in safely and effectively overcoming their physical addiction and dependence on alcohol, you may be invited to participate in a medically assisted detox program. During this program, you will have ongoing support and medical supervision as you safely remove the harmful impacts of alcohol addiction and move through withdrawal symptoms. As you experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms, you will be offered different FDA-approved medications that will help to alleviate the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and allow you to remain comfortable and safe through your alcohol detox program.

Alcohol Rehab TucsonAlcohol Rehab Tucson: Next Steps After Treatment

Living in addiction recovery is a long-term commitment that requires continuous self-reflection and works to maintain sobriety. Attending alcohol rehab is merely the beginning of your new path in life living in sobriety. After alcohol rehab, patients must receive continued support as they navigate early addiction recovery outside of the walls of alcohol rehab. To best support patients in a smooth transition, you can participate in various aftercare programs to help maintain sobriety. For some Tucson residents, the next step after alcohol rehab will be transitioning into a sober living facility. This will provide you with a safe environment that fosters sobriety and allows you to transition back into your community while living with others navigating early addiction recovery.

Patients within our recovery center are also invited to participate in alumni meetings where they can connect with other individuals that have completed alcohol rehab within our addiction recovery center in Tucson to help enhance their connections and support within the recovery community. Having a positive group of people that support you in your journey to sobriety is essential for having long-term success in addiction recovery and at The River Source we strive to provide our patients with the opportunities to establish a new way of life with people that support and enhance your life in addiction recovery.

Conquer Addiction With Alcohol Rehab in Tucson at The River Source

Overcoming your alcohol addiction is possible and our team at The River Source is dedicated to empowering you to see the possibilities within a new life in addiction recovery. Our comprehensive treatment plans are individualized to meet the needs of each individual patient that enters our treatment facility. We believe that you have what it takes to heal from your alcohol addiction and embrace a new life of sobriety, health, and wellness. Contact our admission team at 866-294-9331 today to hear more about our alcohol rehab programs and begin your road to recovery now.

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