Amino Acid Therapy After Substance Abuse

amino acid therapy

A Wide Range of Therapy Options for Addiction Treatment

When it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, there is no one-size-fits-all. Substance use disorders will manifest differently in each person and require various therapies to address addiction’s physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Individual and group therapy sessions will make up most addiction recovery programs that treat the root cause of addiction, negative behaviors, and habits and teach healthy coping skills and tools to manage triggers and cravings. Holistic addiction treatment centers will use these methods while also using naturopathic therapies to heal the effects of substance abuse on the person as a whole, such as amino acid therapy. There is an overlap between addiction and certain mental health disorders, and amino acid therapy can be an extremely effective tool in treating both.

Holistic and naturopathic therapy techniques can greatly complement conventional drug addiction treatment methods by addressing the person and not just the current addiction symptoms. Several holistic techniques are available for addiction treatments, including massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, exercise therapy, and nutritional counseling. Holistic addiction treatment also aims to help patients adopt healthy lifestyle techniques to improve their physical and mental well-being, which can greatly reduce the risk of relapse. Clients can adopt holistic methods as healthier coping skills and therapies for dealing with co-occurring disorders, triggers, and cravings after completing drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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What Is Amino Acid Therapy?

Out of 21 amino acids common to all life forms, nine essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein that are only obtained through food. A steady flow of amino acids is needed as raw material to generate new cells in the body as old ones die off. Because amino acids in the form of proteins are the second largest component of tissues found in the body, only water is the larger component. Amino acids serve many vital roles including being the basic elements of our DNA and various other types of cellular-level activities and reactions.

While we normally get all essential amino acids from our diet, with some health conditions, food is insufficient to provide the necessary amino acids. Supplementing specific amino acid blends through oral or intravenous channels can greatly benefit. IV amino acid therapy is the most efficient way to transport nutrients to the body, especially for those with digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. Amino acid therapy can help replenish the body with all its amino acids and keep it functioning optimally. This therapy can help improve sleep, support new tissue growth, regulate mental health issues, and increase energy.

How Is Amino Acid Therapy Used After Substance Abuse?

Long-term substance abuse and addiction can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. During active addiction, the person may not make the healthiest food options or skip meals entirely, leading to malnutrition. Drugs and alcohol can also wreak havoc on the digestive system, greatly impacting the absorption of important vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are one of these important nutrients that are affected by substance abuse, which serve many functions in the body including supplying energy, fortifying soft tissues, and regulating mental health. IV amino acid therapy can be especially useful during the first stages of recovery while the digestive system heals and can begin to process oral supplements properly again. The use of amino acid therapy can help reduce cravings, mood swings, and physical pain associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Personalized amino acid supplements can help balance chemicals in the brain related to reward and reinforcement. As addiction affects these areas of the brain, using amino acid therapy to heal them along with behavioral health therapy can help patients reach long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Amino acid therapy helps to rebuild the body and mind on a cellular level to decrease cravings and withdrawals during detox by restoring normal chemical production in the brain and stabilizing brain function. These types of supplements can help speed up neurotransmitter production which may have been affected by long-term substance abuse. By strengthening neurotransmitters and communication between the brain’s neurons, amino acid therapy can lessen the effects of certain mood disorders often seen along with substance use disorders.

Individuals with certain mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, have naturally low levels of certain neurotransmitters, which are only made worse with substance abuse. The co-occurring disorders can be driving forces in addiction. Correcting co-occurring disorders through a combination of amino acid therapy, psychotherapy, and medication-assisted treatment, can treat the underlying causes of substance use disorders.

amino acid therapyWhat Are Some Other Naturopathic Treatments in Addiction Recovery?

Amino acid therapy is an important naturopathic therapy in addiction recovery. However, it is only one part. Various other holistic therapies exist which are beneficial in the recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, including:

  • Massage Therapy— This complementary treatment uses various bodywork techniques to relax the mind and relieve tension. Certified massage therapists can knead and press various muscles, pressure points, and tissue. This therapy is beneficial for easing aches and pains experienced during withdrawals and recovery while also releasing certain neurotransmitters that help stabilize mental health symptoms.
  • Vitamin Supplements— Nutritional deficiencies common in substance abuse will also affect vitamin levels. Oral and IV vitamin supplements will help restore these levels more quickly than through diet alone to boost the immune system, relieve fatigue, and restore proper body and mind function.
  • Infrared Sauna— Infrared light produces soothing warmth to increase blood flow and circulation, which can help the body detox from drugs and alcohol more quickly. It is also beneficial in lowering blood pressure, improving energy, boosting the immune system, and relieving pain.
  • Nutritional Counseling— While supplements are beneficial in raising nutrient levels, learning healthy eating habits is essential for long-term sobriety. Nutritional counseling will help patients learn the importance of a healthy diet for mental and body wellness, which can be an important tool in relapse prevention.
  • Exercise Therapy— Physical exercise can help boost endorphins and other neurotransmitters essential for mood regulation. Patients in recovery are encouraged to build an exercise routine which can be a tool for coping with triggers, stressors, and cravings. Many individuals in recovery use exercise as part of their relapse prevention plan.
  • Yoga and Meditation— Meditative practices like yoga can also help patients learn healthier ways to manage co-occurring disorders, triggers, and cravings. Yoga is also a great way to build strength and work on mindfulness.

The River Source Offers Amino Acid Therapy and the Other Help You Need to Achieve Recovery

The River Source in Arizona offers amino acid therapy in our drug and alcohol detox program and throughout the recovery program. We use an integrative approach to addiction treatment by combining naturopathic therapies such as oral and IV vitamin therapy, massage therapy, meditation, and infrared sauna into conventional treatment methods for a whole-person approach. Our treatment plans are individualized for each client with various addiction recovery therapies to address every unique case.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, The River Source can provide you with the type of comprehensive holistic addiction treatment necessary to gain long-term sobriety and heal from the effects of substance abuse. If you want to learn more about amino acid therapy for addiction recovery, please call us at 866-294-9331.

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