Are You Afraid to Quit Drinking?

Are you tired of living in the shadow of your alcohol problem but are afraid to quit using it? Even if you are not a full-blown alcoholic, living without alcohol can be terrifying. However, the fear of quitting is usually greater than following through with it.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons why you might be afraid to quit drinking and how you can move past these fears.

You Are Worried That You Will Fail

Many people who use alcohol try to quit on their own but are unsuccessful. If you’ve gone down this path before, you are probably worried about failing again. And the truth is if you don’t reach out to your support network, quitting on your own will be difficult.

The best thing to do is proclaim your intentions to others and let them help you. Seek treatment from an outpatient program that will help you get back on track while still working and taking care of your family. Attend counseling or a 12-step program. There are plenty of resources available that will prevent you from falling.

You Think That You Will Miss Drinking

You probably associate drinking with having fun. But this is a complete fantasy. Your mind is playing tricks on you and conveniently forgetting all the bad things that happen when you drink: vomiting, memory loss, embarrassment, hangovers. Think about how many times you share laughter and fun without alcohol? Alcohol is not in control of the fun you have. You are.

You Are Not Sure How Others Will See You

Drinkers tend to hang out with other drinkers. As you seek a new lifestyle, it’s possible that you might have to meet new friends. It’s also possible that your drinking buddies may be interested in improving their lives, too. But don’t let anyone keep you captive to the lifestyle you have been living. By committing yourself to a better lifestyle, you will change how you see yourself and so will others.

You Are Afraid of The Withdrawal Process

There is a withdrawal period once you stop using alcohol, but there are ways to minimize the side effects. If you think you may have a problem, it’s highly recommended that you seek medically supervised detox, as alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. The River Source offers naturopathic detox that makes this process more manageable. With 24-hour support staff, conventional medicine, and holistic therapies, the detox process is complete in usually one week.

Don’t let the fear of quitting alcohol stand in your way of doing it. When you want to free yourself from alcohol, you have the help of friends, family, community resources, and treatment centers.

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