What Are The Benefits Of Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy?

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When seeking rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, your recovery plan should include a variety of counseling such as family therapy, group therapy and individual therapy. Each type of counseling is unique and provides healing in a different way.

For instance, family therapy brings the family unit together to work through problems. Group therapy is a collaborative approach that connects people based on similar experiences. Individual therapy is highly personal and includes one-on-one therapy sessions between a therapist and yourself.

Benefits Of Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy

How exactly does individual addiction therapy and group addiction therapy differ from each other? What can you learn in individual counseling that you can’t learn in group counseling?

Basics Of Individual Therapy

With individual therapy, the focus is on yourself. You don’t have to share time with another patient, and the environment is completely safe and confidential. There are a number of things you will accomplish during your sessions such as identifying problems, acknowledging feelings, working through challenges and establishing goals.

Some patients need a lot of time to break through their barrier while others open up right away. The quicker you let down your guard and work through your feelings, the faster you will succeed in individual therapy.

Because this setting is highly personal, you may find it more rewarding in the beginning of your journey. You may not feel ready to open up in front of a group of strangers, especially because you are still learning about yourself. Through your one-on-one interactions with a therapist, you will become more confident about your strengths and moving toward the person you want to become.

Basics Of Group Therapy

Group therapy is also very rewarding, as it’s the first opportunity many patients have to be in a relationship. In group therapy, you share your experiences and see that you are not alone. This is also a time where you practice honesty and humility. As with individual counseling, it may take time to open up about your struggles, but once you do, the freedom is invaluable.

Why Both Are Essential

Both individual therapy and group therapy are extremely important in addiction recovery.

Each one offers its own benefits while building on the other. When entering a drug rehabilitation program, you’ll find that addiction counseling sessions are more plentiful in the beginning and tend to taper off the longer you stay. Yet both forms of counseling should continue long into your recovery. To stay sober, you must continue to learn about yourself and maintain a strong support network where you feel connected to others.

The River Source offers individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy at our treatment center. We firmly believe in the power of these therapies and the role they play in a healthy recovery. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive addiction treatment program and how we’re changing lives every day. We are prepared to take this journey with you!

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