Benefits of Choosing Rehab in a Warm, Sunny Climate

Choosing a treatment facseility for a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step to a new beginning. For many addicts, they can’t get a fresh start unless they leave their past surroundings and friends behind them, at least for a while. That’s why out-of-state treatment centers can be the better option. Not every addict has this option – some have to remain close to family or work – but many are able to take time away since they haven’t been fulfilling their responsibilities in the first place. A fresh start in a new place with new people can create the groundwork for a successful recovery.

Benefits of Out-of-State Drug Rehab

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits to choosing a drug rehab facility outside of your current state.

  • Away from triggers and temptations (places of previous use; familiar faces, sights, sounds, smells, etc.)
  • Increased privacy and confidentiality
  • Fewer distractions
  • More difficult to walk out and leave
  • New surroundings that are compatible with recovery
  • Conducive to a fresh start

How the Weather Impacts Our Moods

Out-of-State Treatment CenterIf you live in a Northern or Midwestern state and are considering recovery in a new state, you’ll find that many treatment centers are located in warm, sunny climates. As someone familiar with the cold, snowy and rainy weather conditions in your area, you can understand why treatment centers would be strategically located in these desirable areas.

In Chicago, you can find yourself without any sun for a week, and this can have a huge impact on your mood. On the East Coast, you may deal with hurricane-like storms in the late summer and Nor’easters in the winter. This type of weather not only leads to more anxiety but also forces people to stay in their homes, leading to boredom and isolation.

Those who live in a warm climate year-round may not appreciate the benefits of this weather, but those who see snow, rain and wind half the year will. That’s why integrative treatment centers located in warm, sunny states see people from all over the country. They are convenient for those who prefer in-state treatment and perfect for those who are looking to escape their current conditions and give themselves a fresh start.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to choosing a heroin drug rehab center in Arizona.

Warm Climate

The skies are always clear in Arizona, unlike other parts of the country that see mostly overcast days. With clear skies year-round, Arizona residents see an abundance of sunshine, which makes for warm days that can be spent outdoors. The average temperature is 72 degrees. Being able to recover in a warm, sunny climate is beneficial for emotional, physical and psychological health.

Change of Scenery

A fresh start can be the most influential part of recovery. It’s mentally and emotionally rewarding to leave behind your current circumstances and focus on your health and well-being for a change. New scenery is what shapes a new beginning, and those who choose a treatment center in a warm climate like Arizona appreciate the graceful, towering palm trees, huge expanses of desert land and mountain ranges in the distance.

No Distractions

Some treatment is better than no treatment, but there are limitations if you choose an outpatient program, or if you choose a treatment center that is nearby your home. One of the biggest catalysts to recovery is that there are distractions all around you. When you leave the state, there are few distractions. You finally have the opportunity to focus on yourself, and this distance is what can help you make great progress in your recovery.

Enhanced Mood and Well Being

The weather has an impact on our moods. Cloudy, rainy days can make us feel tired and gloomy, while warm, sunny days encourage us to be outdoors. When you come to a state like AZ where the weather is always pleasant, you may find that your mood will be changed. Some recovering addicts find their spiritual side through Mother Nature and enjoy quiet, peaceful moments overlooking the desert expanses and mountain ranges.

The River Source is Located in AZ

The River Source has two treatment centers located in Arizona, and we accept people from in state and out of state. We accept most insurance companies and also accept financial assistance for those who qualify. If you do live out of state, we can offer same-day admission and a discount on transportation. We make every effort to ensure that our out-of-state clients have the opportunity to seek treatment with us if they feel we are the right fit.

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