Benefits Of Individual Therapy In Recovery

Benefits Of Individual Therapy In Recovery-RiverSourceGroup therapy and self-help programs are highly impactful for those recovering from substance abuse problems. These strategies are even more beneficial when they are combined with individual therapy. Individual therapy involves working one-on-one with a counselor who understands the unique issues that people face when dealing with a drug or alcohol problem. Counselors can reinforce what’s learned in group therapy, but they can also tackle issues that can’t be dealt with in a group setting.

Why Individual Therapy Is Important

Individual therapy has a lot of rewards that are a natural result of a trusted, one-on-one relationship. It’s important for you to trust the counselor so that you can open up and feel comfortable exploring your feelings.

Let’s point out a few benefits to taking part in individual counseling at a drug rehab Arizona.

  • Individualized guidance with psychological issues that may have motivated you to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Greater attention addressing the various stages of recovery.
  • Secure setting to discuss sensitive topics like relationships, sex and self esteem.
  • A focus on developing new life skills and perspectives to free yourself from anxiety, depression and more.
  • Ability to reclaim your sense of power so that you move forward in your life.
  • A strengthening of your relationships.

How Individual Therapy Helps

Patients who take part in individual therapy during treatment find that they feel better about themselves and their recoveries. There’s something liberating about talking out your problems, letting your feelings come to the surface and freeing yourself from your past burdens. But individual counseling is not just for talking. Counselors also teach a variety of important life skills and coping mechanisms that will help you manage stress in your life.

Factoring In Group Therapy

Individual therapy builds on group therapy, and vice versa. They should not be looked at as separate treatments. When you meet individually with a counselor, you can work through your internal struggles, while group therapy helps you identify with others and feel less isolated in your problems.

Benefits of group therapy for addiction include:

  • Helps you realize that you are not alone.
  • Encourages the giving and receiving of support.
  • Teaches you how to relate to others in social situations.
  • Place to practice certain skills such as sticking up for yourself, being confident and acting brave.
  • Connect with others who are going through similar life experiences.

Many times, what people learn in group therapy will be talked about in individual therapy. This creates well-rounded discussions that involve many perspectives, which is important for long-term recovery.

Safe And Effective Recovery Programs

The River Source provides holistic recovery for drug and alcohol abusers. We offer a safe, supportive environment that includes individual and group therapy. We believe that when our patients participate in both, they’re able to learn about themselves and practice being in healthy relationships again.

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