Benefits to Choosing an Out-of-State Recovery Program

Each addict’s journey to seeking recovery is different. Some are given an ultimatum and a plane ticket, while others hit rock bottom before they make the decision. Even when it has been agreed to seek recovery, knowing where to go can be difficult. Between inpatient and outpatient programs, holistic treatment and alternative therapies, it’s no surprise that families have a difficult time knowing which treatment option is right for their loved one. Perhaps the first choice to be made is whether the recovery program is in state or out of state.

There are benefits to both local and out-of-state treatment centers. Outpatient treatment programs are best when done locally because the addict doesn’t have to travel as far, and they can remain close to friends, family and their job, if they have one. For serious drug and alcohol addictions, a residential drug rehab center is usually best. The addict needs this intense rehab to get clean and learn valuable new skills for dealing with life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

When choosing inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, out-of-state programs are often ideal. Here’s why.

Removed from a Toxic Environment

Even if the addict comes from a loving home, they’ve still created a toxic environment for themselves. The smallest things can lead to temptation, such as past hangouts, old friends, radio stations or even the change of the seasons. The best way to eliminate these negative influences from the addict’s life is to have them leave altogether. They are removed from the bad environment they have created and placed into a new, healthier one.

Fresh Start

Part of leaving an old environment is the feeling of starting fresh. Fresh starts are important for recovering addicts because they need to leave the past behind and start working toward a better future. Continuing to dwell on the past is not healthy. Thankfully, a fresh start in a new environment with new friends and activities is what really makes a difference. Addicts are also reminded that new beginnings are possible, and they don’t have to be defined by their past.

Fewer Distractions

Knowing that all drug-related people and things are just miles away can interfere with a healthy recovery. The close proximity also makes it more likely that recovering addicts will want to maintain certain relationships while in rehab. By seeking treatment out of state, addicts are able to leave people, places and things behind them and focus solely on their recovery.

Ideal Climate and Weather

Studies have shown that the weather has a significant impact on our moods. When struggling with a drug addiction and a co-occurring disorder like depression or anxiety, cold, dreary or rainy weather can cause further setbacks. Some residential treatment centers are purposely located in climates that are sunny and warm year round. This gives residents the opportunity to focus on healing in pristine locations with sunny skies, warm temperatures and breathtaking views.

Diverse Residents

Addicts who seek recovery in their own geographical area are more likely to interact with people from the same area. When choosing out-of-state recovery programs that cater to people across the country, recovering addicts are able to meet people from all walks of life. This means that they won’t share the same past hangouts or drug dealers, and they can approach each new relationship in a fresh manner. Plus, it’s helpful to see how people live differently from one region to the next. This in itself allows recovering addicts to look at their problems more objectively and see that they are part of a greater purpose.

Personalized Choices

Each recovery program is unique. Some, unfortunately, use out-of-date practices, but many are emerging into holistic care programs that focus on healing the entire individual. By opening up the choices that are available to them, families are able to find a treatment center that best meets their loved one’s needs. The River Source, for instance, is often a first choice because of their nutritional support, naturopathic detox, alternative therapies such as meditation, hypnotherapy and neurofeedback and a strong support staff that includes counselors, therapists, doctors, nurses and life coaches.

The most important factor is that an addict does seek the recovery they need, regardless of what form it comes in. Thankfully, addiction treatment programs are very accommodating to out-of-state residents and can accept addicts almost immediately while providing transportation and support services for the family.

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