Best Places to Hold an Intervention

Where you hold an intervention is just as important as who you invite to it. You need a place that is private and comfortable. You and your loved ones have been preparing letters and statements to share with the addict. This can only be done in an atmosphere that is private and quiet.

As you consider the options of where to hold an intervention, keep the following tips in mind.


Avoid hosting an intervention in a public location such as a restaurant, place of business or park. Some people assume that this is a better option because the addict can’t yell or act out. The alternative is that the addict can easily walk out. Plus, you want a place that is quiet and intimate. Your goal is to share your concerns, and it’s difficult to listen if people are coming in and out.


Holding an intervention can be stressful. Still, it’s important to create a comfortable, positive atmosphere for the intervention. Everyone should have a place to sit. The room should be uncluttered and clean. You may consider burning a relaxing candle or diffusing essential oils to make the setting more pleasant. Also, avoid distractions such as ringing phones or TV noise.


Interventions should never be cut short. Most interventions require a lot of convincing, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours or more in your location. Also, many interventions are delayed because the addict is late or not sober enough to reason with.

Stock a fridge or cooler with healthy beverages and snacks. Make sure there are accessible bathrooms as well. Any potentially harmful items (i.e., razors, mouthwash with alcohol, prescription drugs, cleaning products) should be removed.


Avoid bringing the addict to a place with negative associations. This could put the addict in a poor frame of mind and make them less willing to listen. Even the homes of certain family members can bring out the worst in an addict.

Choose a neutral place, if possible, such as the home of the addict or a loving family member. And, pick a location where the addict is likely to go. If the place stands out, the addict may suspect something and refuse to come.

Each family is unique, but the most common places to hold interventions are in the homes of loved ones or in a neutral setting such as a therapist’s office. The tips above will guide you in the right direction for which location is best.

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