Can I Go To Rehab For More Than One Drug At a Time?

Addiction is a complicated disease that doesn’t necessarily mean dependence on only one substance. Addictive behavior leads individuals to become dependent on a variety of substances from alcohol to pills, which can make it difficult to treat. It’s important that no matter what rehabilitation facility you choose, that they know how to treat the specific addictions you are dealing with. It’s estimated that 56 percent of the people who seek treatment are also addicted to more than one substance. This can increase the risks of relapse, making it also difficult to treat. Not all rehab facilities will treat alcoholism and prescription or street drugs, but many wills. You will need to check with your individual drug rehab center in Arizona to make sure they have experience with the type of drugs you are trying to kick.

When You Have Polysubstance Dependence

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) for Mental Disorders adopts the term “polysubstance dependent” for people who take three or more different classes of drugs at the same time. However, even if you only do two drugs, they can impact your treatment options significantly. Alcoholism can damage your organs and create special health problems that other types of drugs do not. It can also prove dangerous when combined with the wrong types of drugs. The impact of two or more drugs in the system also increases the chance of damaging the brain. Some rehabs will prescribe some types of drugs to help you get off another, but if you have polysubstance dependence then it can be tricky to make sure they don’t conflict with other drugs in your system. You may end up having to seek a rehab program that specializes in alcoholism dependency as well as other types of drugs to make sure you get a thorough plan to eject all the drugs from your system while reducing any medical risks. If other types of drugs are being prescribed during the program, you may want a program that offers medical supervision in case there is an interaction with other addictions you are also fighting.

Inpatient and Outpatient Options

For people who have multiple temptations from multiple drug addictions, the solution might be an inpatient program. This can help to isolate them away from areas where they might be exposed to a variety of addictions that they aren’t strong enough to resist yet. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment options can also help to increase their health by providing nutritious food plans and medical supervision. These types of programs are very effective for people who are polysubstance dependent. However, they also tend to be more expensive than outpatient options. Some people, like adventuresome teens, experiment with multiple drugs without becoming fully addicted to them. This type of behavior might lead to a need for some rehab, but not as intensive a course as an inpatient program. Thus, if you want help for an addiction, and do use multiple drugs, you can still use an outpatient program to get a handle on the types of behaviors that contribute to addiction, without necessarily having to medically treat it.

Customize Your Rehab Solution to Your Needs

Depending on different lifestyle and addiction factors, you can find ways to get into rehab that will help you with a variety of problems. There are so many different rehab programs available that can help you customize a solution by:

Picking a Suitable Time Period – Maybe you can’t afford a three-month inpatient program, but can do one month or even a few weeks. You don’t have to do a lengthy inpatient program if funds are limited.

Focusing on Health and Addiction – Some centers are holistic and offer meals and health and wellness education. This can be particularly helpful for people who are suffering the consequences of addiction and may have neglected their health.

Multiple Dependency or Not – If you need to cover more than one addiction, it may be harder to find a rehab facility near you. However, it shouldn’t be impossible. There are many that treat alcoholism in addition to synthetic drugs. However, if you are doing other odd combinations, it can be more difficult to get treatment unless you find a medical program that will treat both at the same time.

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