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Wybieraj Ustawowe Kasyno Online

W tym wypadku już na osobiście początek każdy wraz z nowych użytkowników może skorzystać z propozycje powitalnej. Została kobieta podzielona na 2 etapy, dzięki z

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Talking to Children About Addiction
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Talking To Children About Addiction

Many people are deeply affected by a loved one’s addiction, but children often carry the baggage for the rest of their lives. They’re less likely to really understand what’s going on at the time, and the resulting trauma during their parent’s addiction can be difficult for them to process.

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Relapse Prevention

The Four Most Common Sources of Relapse

If you’re currently in recovery, the possibility of relapse will likely always be a source of worry. After all, addiction is a “chronic, relapsing disease” with relapse rates on par with other chronic diseases: according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the substance abuse relapse rate is around 40-60%, which is actually lower than relapse rates for high blood pressure and asthma (both 50-70%).

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