Choosing a Focus During the Rehabilitation Process

If you’re suffering from substance abuse or addiction, the chances are high that your life has become unmanageable. Breaking free of the substance and returning to a state of health takes courage, dedication and an unwavering focus on recovery. Just like any other serious illness, addiction requires the help of trained professionals who guide you through the established steps of a successful rehabilitation. As an inpatient in a comfortable and nonjudgmental rehab facility, it is possible to restore your freedom with proven strategies that provide professional and peer support.

Addiction is a Serious Disease

No one begins using drugs or alcohol to become addicted. While some may experiment with drugs or drink to numb the emotional pain of a difficult life transition, those who have a genetic predisposition to addiction may not be able to stop. If you have a family history of alcoholism, or drug addiction, you may be prone to chemical dependence. Much like other serious illnesses, addiction may be inherited and typically runs in families.

Chemical dependence is a multi-faceted disease that requires a holistic approach to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Fortunately, evidence-based research in this area has added valuable insight into the treatment of people who suffer from addiction. Rehabilitation professionals are aware that treatment is patient-centered and each individual has his or her own distinct challenges. A rehab program is designed to help you focus on your strengths, identify your weaknesses and discover how to reach out for support for a lasting recovery.

Concentration on Recovery: Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

As reported by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, as many as 50 percent of addicts suffers from a co-occurring mental health issue. If you have used drugs or alcohol to help calm the discomfort of anxiety or medicate the symptoms of depression, you may have become physically and emotionally dependent on drugs or alcohol over time. Also, sufferers may have taken pain or anxiety medications as prescribed that eventually resulted in a prescription drug addiction.

As your body becomes more tolerant to the substance of abuse, you may require drinking more to achieve the same desired results. As the body struggles to manage the toxic properties of the drugs, various changes occur that promote unrelenting cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the substance. Eventually, your depression or anxiety may worsen with substance abuse and interact negatively with drugs or alcohol. Rehabilitation professionals work in concert to treat each health concern separately and concurrently to promote a healthy recovery.

Focus on Your Perceptions: Strategies and Support for Life

Rehabilitation programs give you the recovery tools that may help you re-examine your worldview and manage your unique challenges. By applying alternate strategies to dealing with stress and reacting to life’s daily difficulties, you may embrace a healthier outlook of positivity. You and your therapist engage in intense individual therapy sessions that help you achieve your journey to recovery.

In a residential rehab program, your greatest strength may be found in the peers who share your path to recovery. Group therapy teaches you to share your challenges, recognize your concerns and reach out to your peers for support. As you are introduced to 12-step programs and a network of support in your local community, you may develop the connections that help you enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life in recovery.

The Path to a Successful Recovery

Although drug or alcohol rehabilitation may take dedication and commitment, living with the consequences of an addiction is much more difficult. As the substance of abuse takes over your daily life, only sobriety can make you truly free. As an inpatient in rehab, you will have the ability to focus on your goals, dreams and what sobriety means to you. If you are suffering from addiction or substance abuse, take the time you require to get the help you need and live the life that you deserve.

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