Concerns Over Prescription Amphetamines

Concerns Over Prescription Amphetamines-River Source RehabThe typical stereotype of how an addiction forms includes a young teen who experiments with marijuana or alcohol. They enjoy the highs they get, so they progress to other substances. Once they are “in” with a new group of friends, they have regular access to drugs, and the addiction worsens.

But this is just one way that addiction can form. Some people begin their addictions by taking legitimate, legal prescription medications prescribed by their doctors.

What Are Amphetamines?

Amphetamines are stimulant medications that increase activities and processes in the body. They boost alertness, attention and energy. Most commonly, stimulants are used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy and sometimes depression. These drugs were prescribed more freely in the past, being used for conditions like asthma, obesity and nervous system problems.

Who’s Most Likely To Abuse Stimulants?

Although they have their side effects, amphetamines are generally safe when prescribed under the care of a doctor. But this doesn’t mean that a prescription drug addiction isn’t possible. These drugs are naturally habit forming. The risks rise dramatically when they are abused.

People abuse amphetamines when they:

  • Take someone else’s prescription
  • Take a stimulant in a way other than it’s prescribed
  • Take a stimulant to get high

Some of the most common abusers include high school and college students who use the drugs to enhance their academic performance. They believe the stimulants help them stay up all night to cram for tests or papers. Contrary to this belief, studies show that amphetamines do not increase thinking or learning when taken by people without ADHD.

Signs Of A Prescription Drug Addiction

A prescription drug addiction to amphetamines isn’t always easy to pinpoint, especially if the person is being prescribed the drugs by their doctor. But there are signs to watch for aside from the traditional drug addiction side effects.

  • Doctor shopping
  • Going through the medication too fast
  • Tolerance
  • Lying and stealing
  • Taking others’ prescriptions
  • Decreased need for sleep

Amphetamines Can Cause Death

It’s possible to overdose from a prescription drug addiction. Taking too many stimulants can raise the body’s temperature to unsafe levels, increase blood pressure and make the heart beat irregularly. The symptoms can lead to seizures, heart failure or death. Stimulants should also never be combined with decongestants because they greatly enhance these effects.

The River Source works with patients who have an addiction to amphetamines. Our integrative approach allows us to offer a combination of conventional medicine and holistic therapies to help our patients heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are here to walk the journey with you and support you or your loved one through the various stages of recovery.

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