The Core Values of The River Source Admissions Team and How They Benefit Our Clients

Rehab admissions team at The River Source in Arizona

The members of The River Source Admissions team are the first people our clients and their loved ones speak to as they begin their recovery with us, making them an important part of the first impression we intend to provide to anyone entering treatment.

To illustrate just how important the role of Admissions is in an effective recovery environment, we sat down with Stephen Leza, our current Director of Admissions, as well as Garrett Kitchens (Director of Marketing & Outreach) and Heather Amado (Outreach Coordinator) who both previously held the Director of Admissions role, to walk through each of our core values and discuss how the admissions team at The River Source plays a vital role in supporting our clients as they embark on their journey to recovery.

We are PASSIONATE about helping people find recovery

One of the things that demonstrates just how passionate The River Source’s Admissions team is when it comes to helping people find recovery is their willingness to recommend clients to outside care if their needs can’t be met at The River Source. “We’re not just bringing in anybody. We make sure that they’re going to get what they’re looking for,” Heather explains.

Some clients need mental health care more than addiction rehab; Admissions refers them to psychiatric units. If clients need to deviate from treatment too often for their work or school, and the Admissions department doesn’t believe they’ll get the treatment they need, they refuse to provide insufficient care.

The River Source’s Admissions staff are so client-first, in fact, that they made a comprehensive list of rehab clinics that take insurances that The River Source does not, just for client convenience. Stephen describes that they have a self-appointed “commitment to find everybody a replacement or referral.” They strive to have a solution to everyone’s situation, whether they’re the first or last place someone calls.

We are DEDICATED to providing a solution

“You never know what you’re going to get, and you always have to make things work,” Heather laughs — and in a sentence, summarizes what makes Admissions so challenging and so rewarding.

At The River Source, the level of adaptability we offer takes true dedication. Our Admissions staff have spent days on the phone with the same clients to reassure them and walk them through intake. They help loved one’s plan, and even hold, interventions over the phone. Sometimes, they stay up all night to bring clients in the moment they’re ready. Other times, they stay in contact with the family after intake to ensure the client’s loved ones have the support and information they need.

Heather continues: “We meet you where you’re at. We’ll be your counselor, accountant, and medical assistant as you prepare for intake: whatever you need, we’re going to do that. And pulling that off is what makes working in admissions such a rewarding job.”

The managment team at The River Source discussing how to provide rehab treatment that works

We are PROMPT & RESPONSIVE in everything we do

Addiction is, in many ways, based in opportunity. Whether someone starts rehab, or relapses, often has to do with how easy it is to do either. That’s why our Admissions department works so hard to be prompt and responsive in everything they do: they strive to always be there for a moment of need.

“Addiction is not nine-to-five,” Garrett stresses. “The client’s moment of willingness has to intersect with the opportunity to get help. A lot of times, we have the whole plan in place with the family, but we’re waiting for their loved one to be ready to take that final step. There are a lot of moving pieces.”

Starting rehab can be just as terrifying for the client’s loved ones as the client themselves, which is why “we take it upon ourselves to be a rock, a foundation for them”, Garrett elaborates. “We have to be consistent and ready, because in the wild chaos of addiction, we don’t know when they will be.”

We communicate the TRUTH with confidence

We’ve found that telling our clients the truth — about their situation, our care, what they can expect, and how much they can overcome — always delivers the best results. We build a “therapeutic alliance” with our clients, earning their trust so they’ll be willing to listen to us when things get tough.

“I use my own experience with recovery and getting sober at such a young age to connect to clients, especially some of the younger clients,” Stephen relates. “That, and what I’ve seen working in the behavioral health field. We need to get to a point where they can hear the truth: ‘You didn’t become addicted overnight. It took years of abuse, and it’s going to take time to get the mind, body, and spirit back in shape.’”

Rehab requires clients to be open to being wrong and hearing things they don’t want to hear, because how they’re doing things now isn’t working. That process starts with clarity and honesty: when they can trust what we’re saying, they can start to trust our solutions, as well.

We achieve results through TEAMWORK

Garrett describes, “If all the different departments at The River Source were put into a diagram, the middle would be Admissions. We’re coordinating on the outside with families and clients, on the inside with medical and clinical programming and finance — we’re enmeshed in every part of the process, more so than anyone else.”

By now, it should be clear how much work goes into making intake a smooth process for our clients and their loved ones, but Admissions puts that same hard work into perfecting their teamwork with the rest of The River Source’s departments — and each other.

“Most of us come from inpatient and management,” Heather explains. “We know what the mess looks like when information isn’t passed along. We understand how to help our inpatient and outpatient teams, what information needs to go to who, and how to coordinate with our teammates in Admissions. We play to each other’s strengths.”

Recovering addicts putting puzzle together as a group

Learn More About The River Source Admissions Process

At The River Source, we understand just how important setting the right tone at the beginning of a client’s journey can be to their chances of successful recovery. That’s why we commit so much time and attention to admissions — because earning a client’s faith and trust at the start can pay dividends during treatment and beyond. To learn more about The River Source Admissions and how someone in need of support can get started, click here.

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