Does Going to Rehab Make Me a Criminal?

For those that are struggling with an addiction or have recently taken a look at their rehab options, there are quite a few misconceptions, and this often leads to many avoiding life-altering treatments and services. Not only do some believe treatment centers to be cold and unwelcoming, others may even believe that these organizations are an admittance of crimes or synonymous with incarceration. What these individuals should know is that our treatment options are more effective than ever, and our team is ready to guide all those struggling with substance abuse through this process in order to reinvent their life.

Substance Abuse and Criminal Behavior
While the use of many substances is illegal and they can often lead to criminal behavior, this does not make anyone attending a rehabilitation program a criminal. In fact, many judges offer these services as an alternative to incarceration or placing drug charges on their record. If anyone struggling with alcohol or drug abuse is now beginning the process of finding help, it is important to understand that these facilities are the first step towards a healthier and more satisfying life, not an admittance of riminal activity or a sign of failure.

What Rehab Truly Is
Holistic rehab has become one the most popular options for those that are looking to quickly and permanently break their addiction to drugs or alcohol. While traditional 12 step programs will work in some scenarios, many addicts need to find the root causes of their addiction in order to transform themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. Unlike those that attempt to go “cold turkey” on their own or opt for a medical detox, our facilities are designed to keep everyone as comfortable and healthy as possible throughout this natural process.

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment
In the end, every form of rehab has the goal of allowing an individual to move past their addiction permanently, but each system is going to work slightly different. As for holistic rehab, this is a twofold process that begins with ridding the body of the lingering toxins from months or even years of alcohol or substance abuse. As an alternative to anesthesia, prescription medication, or adding even more chemicals to the individual’s system, the focus is on natural healing methods that will allow the body to expel these toxins on its own. This period of time can last for as few as three days or as long as two weeks depending on a number of outside factors.

The second step in this process is to create an individualized recovery program that must be designed from the ground up for each person. These programs, and ultimately the path to recovery, rely on a wide variety of internal and external factors. Issues such as the severity of the addiction, the length of the addiction, the substance of choice, past trauma, and mental health issues will each have an impact on which tools and services will be the most effective.

Creating Ongoing Changes
Planning for a sober future means taking into account one’s past. Not only will our program help our guests explore what is triggering their addiction, it will also help them discover and come to terms with the step-by-step events that led to their substance abuse in the first place. Once these have come to light, addicts will be able to begin the process of working through their issues.

Finally, those that have sought out help with our organization will learn the tools that they need to once again enter into the real world without a substance addiction looming over their head. These tools vary between each individual and can range from intensive outpatient services and ongoing therapy to the development of healthy lifestyle habits such as a meditation and exercise.

Every Case is Different
In the end, every single addiction and situation is slightly different, and this means that every treatment will be slightly different as well. For those that are struggling with an addiction or know someone that is, today is the day to contact our holistic rehab services and begin the process of building a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life.

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