Does The River Source Treat People with Multiple Addictions?

Many people who have a substance abuse disorder use multiple drugs at one time. This is extremely dangerous because the effects of intoxication are greater, and the risk of suffering from an overdose is higher.

The most common combinations include alcohol and heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, or stimulants. When a person is dependent on more than one of these drugs at a single time, it’s called polydrug addiction.

Why Polydrug Addiction is So Dangerous

Polydrug addictions are more deadly than the public realizes. Alcohol and prescription medications cause more fatalities and injuries than traffic accidents. The risks of overdose and fatality depend on the types of substances taken and how much.

For instance, drinking alcohol and taking MDMA can dehydrate the body. Alcohol and heroin together cause suppressed breathing. Alcohol and cocaine increase the risk of a heart attack.

Here are some of the biggest concerns over polydrug use.

  • Higher risk of overdose
  • Greater effects of intoxication
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Paranoia or extreme agitation
  • More severe changes in the brain
  • Higher risk of relapse
  • Addressing Multiple Addictions

The River Source is equipped to treat patients who are addicted to multiple substances. It is more difficult to treat a polydrug addiction because each drug has its own physical and emotional side effects.

For example, a person who is addicted to alcohol might be given a benzodiazepine to manage their withdrawal symptoms. However, if the person is addicted to both alcohol and benzodiazepines, their detox regimen is going to be very different.

Accounting for a Dual Diagnosis

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when treating someone with a polydrug addiction is an underlying condition such as PTSD or anxiety. When a person suffers from bipolar depression, they might turn to alcohol to numb their feelings.

As they become more reliant on alcohol, they may progress to prescription painkillers or synthetic drugs. To successfully treat a polydrug addiction, the underlying causes for the addiction must be addressed as well.

Treating Patients Holistically

The River Source is aware of the complexity of treating multiple addictions, but we are prepared to help you or a loved one make a full recovery. Our focus on the mind, body, and spirit allows us to effectively treat those with a dual diagnosis.

Though we recognize the value in conventional medicine when treating withdrawal symptoms and preexisting medical conditions, we give our patients as many tools as possible that come from within. We want to see our patients relying on themselves to generate happiness and contentment rather than pharmaceuticals. The more our patients realize that their minds and bodies are capable of self-healing, the less they feel a need to take medications.

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