How Can Doing Yoga Strengthen Your Self Image In Recovery?

You probably already know that yoga is a popular method of exercise that can improve your mental and physical health. If you’re not one to enjoy running or strength training, yoga is the perfect alternative. While it can be used to strengthen an exercise regimen, it can also be used as a standalone exercise. You don’t need any special equipment to participate in yoga, either. You can reap all the benefits just by keeping an open mind.

What you probably didn’t know is that yoga can actually improve your self-image as well. Addiction probably beat you up and made you feel like you had very little to offer the world. You probably had these feelings creep in and out while you were using, but the drugs and alcohol took away the pain. Now that you are leading a life of sobriety, you can’t turn to substances to ease the pain. You must have healthy ways of coping, and yoga is an effective way to do this.

Ways That Yoga Can Strengthen Your Self Image In Recovery

Here are a few ways that doing yoga can help strengthen your self-image. Don’t forget to make peace with your past through yoga as well.

Yoga Makes You Aware Of Your Limitations

You can’t do everything, and it’s important to accept this. If you don’t set limitations for yourself, you’ll end up feeling bad about the things you can’t do. Yoga helps you realize your potential and the things that you are capable of doing while erasing negative thoughts. You can then start looking at your limitations in a more positive manner rather than seeing them as downfalls.

Yoga Improves Your Physical Health

Part of your self-esteem comes from feeling good about your appearance, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by making your body look and feel better. Yoga has a host of physical benefits: toned muscles, better posture and flexibility. Once you see the effects that yoga has on your body, you’ll see yourself in a different light.

Yoga Relieves Mental Fatigue

One of the main causes of mental fatigue is stress, which you may have a lot of right now. You shouldn’t overlook your mental fatigue, as it can be the start of certain issues if it’s not addressed. Yoga includes a series of breathing exercises and stretches that increase oxygen and the flow of energy, relieving stress. Once you see that you can successfully manage stress, your confidence will improve as well.

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