Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Arizona That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

Health Insurance Can Help Cover the Cost of Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Let’s be honest, the cost of rehab can be a difficult barrier to overcome for many people who have a substance use disorder and their families. Wondering how to pay medical costs, accommodation fees, and medication bills can be overwhelming and can stop some people from seeking the help they need regarding addiction.

The good news is that health insurance can cover some or all of your rehab costs. Your coverage will depend on your insurance company, with mental health and substance abuse coverage differing depending on the types of medications, treatments, and rehab programs you enroll in. Some insurance companies will cover inpatient treatments with housing and meals, while others will only cover outpatient plans as you live outside the treatment center.

With some insurance plans, you may have a time limit on the number of days you can stay in rehab, and some may limit the amenities, therapies, and services the treatment center offers.
If you are considering going to rehab, you may wish to find research in Arizona that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, as this insurance company covers a variety of treatments, programs, and medications, so you can get the full spectrum of addiction treatments you need to be able to quit drugs and alcohol for good without breaking the bank.

For more information on how our addiction treatment programs can help heal drug or alcohol dependence, please give The River Source a call at 866-294-9331.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab Treatment in Arizona?

Mental health care and addiction treatment have been deemed essential health care in the United States, so many forms of rehab, therapy, and other treatments are often covered through health plans. Rehabs in Arizona that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield will be able to provide you with treatments like:

  • Medical detox, with medications and full-time doctor care provided
  • Inpatient (residential) rehab, with accommodations and full-time care from addiction professionals
  • Outpatient rehab programs offering treatments to patients living at home during specific days for a set number of hours
  • Medications to help reduce cravings and limit side effects when it comes to withdrawal and detoxing the body, including long-term medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatments like therapy and psychiatric medications to help with the treatment of co-occurring conditions like mental illness

These treatments for substance use disorder may be at least partially covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. It is important to check with your insurance provider before entering an addiction treatment program to find out exactly what will and will not be covered. Your chosen rehab center will then work with you to figure out how to get you the right treatment for your unique needs as an individual, providing quotes for your out-of-pocket payments. Some treatment centers also offer payment assistance plans or help to find financial assistance as necessary. The most important thing is to ensure your safety and get you the help you need to achieve physical and mental stability.

How to Find Out If Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Will Cover Rehab in Arizona

Several rehabs in Arizona accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, but it is important to speak with the treatment center of your choice about services offered and the insurance plans for which they are in-network. They will help you understand copays, deductions, and all the fine print that can be difficult to parse if you do not work in the insurance industry. You can also talk to your insurance provider for more information on your particular plan to gain insight into the types of treatments and care they will pay for and what they will not cover. Doing this work before going to rehab is important so there are no surprises and so you know how much to expect to pay out-of-pocket.

rehabs in Arizona that accept Blue Cross Blue ShieldThe River Source Is a Premier Arizona Rehab That Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield

The River Source is one of the top rehabs in Arizona that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. At our treatment centers, you can access all levels of care, including:

Medical detox (5-10 days)

During medical detox, you will get the rest and medical care you need, with prescription medications provided as needed to help with withdrawal symptoms. More holistic treatments are available for those who want to purchase additional vitamin supplements, massage therapy, or a blood panel analysis. After day 8 of your treatment, you may use your cell phone between 4:30 and 6 pm each day.

Inpatient rehab (1-3 months)

Inpatient rehab is a full-time residential program in which you will get therapy, naturopathic care, exercise, and nutrition, with relapse prevention and community-building programs, group therapy, and family programs.

Partial hospitalization program (1 month)

The PHP is a structured outpatient plan with individual counseling, group counseling, life skills programs, relapse prevention programs, and family therapy. This outpatient program provides high accountability as you learn to set new boundaries and live in the world as a sober individual.

Intensive outpatient program (2 months)

The IOP is an outpatient treatment plan with therapies every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, either in the morning or evening. Telehealth options for the IOP are available throughout the state of Arizona, or you can get treatment on-site in our drug treatment centers. You will have access to life skills programs, aftercare planning, and therapy, with family involvement and relapse prevention programs.

Outpatient rehab/aftercare (6 months)

An even more flexible outpatient care plan, the general outpatient plan provides long-term follow-up care and aftercare planning, with lifestyle guidance, individual treatment and counseling, relapse prevention, and coping skills, with one counseling session per month and one weekly process group.

Alumni program (lifetime)

Our life-long alumni services provide a supportive community, an alumni services hotline, sponsorship, and 12-step meetings every Saturday morning. There are also community events with fun activities and food. You will be provided with an invitation to our private Facebook group and receive a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date.

We often recommend our patients complete the full 150-day program. We are so confident in the efficacy of our treatment plans that we offer a recovery guarantee. If you relapse after completing the full continuum of care, you can return for further treatment at no additional cost.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission, and our team works hard to provide effective treatments that work. Our focus is on high-quality care and treatments that will deliver clinically driven results, with treatments for the body, mind, and spirit that include:

  • Individual therapies with a counselor
  • Life Coaching
  • Continued medical care and medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Process groups
  • Lectures
  • Art therapy
  • Family counseling services, family groups, and family involvement
  • Holistic healing methods and naturopathic services
  • Psychiatric services and dual diagnosis treatments
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • 12-step principles
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Neurofeedback
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Exercise time
  • Book studies
  • Continuing care coordination and planning

We have a comfortable healing environment. You will live in a semi-private bedroom with a full bathroom during inpatient rehab. You will have a TV in your room during detox, and there are TV rooms you can enjoy while in inpatient rehab. Our facilities offer recreational amenities including frisbee golf, basketball, a sand volleyball court, a track, art therapy, fitness equipment, and games. You will have nutritious food and the option to participate in holistic therapies, outside church groups, and support meetings.

To get started down your road to recovery or verify your insurance coverage, please call us today at 866-294-9331. We are happy to help you understand your insurance plan and get you the help you need through an integrative, evidence-based, cost-effective approach to healing.

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