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What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detoxification (drug detox) is the process that the body undergoes when clearing the system of substances like drugs or alcohol. In a professional medical drug detox Gilbert Arizona residents can use, they can rest assured that their withdrawal symptoms and health issues will be safely managed by doctors and nurses.

Because every person is unique, with their own histories, biology, and needs, everybody has a different experience when they are in drug detox in Gilbert, Arizona. Some of the variables that can affect the length of withdrawal and what symptoms you experience include:

  • The substance(s) you have been using
  • The duration of the addiction
  • Family history
  • The amount of substance used each time
  • The method of use (smoking, swallowing, injecting, or snorting)
  • Underlying medical or mental health conditions
  • Genetic and biological factors

A person who detoxes in an inpatient detox facility is usually much more successful than a person who tries to detox at home because inpatient clinics are completely sober facilities that provide medical care, strong support, and therapy from day one. You will be away from drugs and alcohol, away from the everyday stress of your life, and surrounded by a supportive and caring community in a safe and stable environment.

It can take time to get through withdrawal symptoms, and that is only the first step in making the meaningful changes necessary to overcoming addiction. To truly achieve sobriety, nearly everybody needs some form of rehabilitation with therapy, medical care, behavioral health treatments, and other forms of care to heal the underlying causes of addiction, gain new recovery techniques, and become part of a supportive sober-friendly community.

For more information on how our addiction treatment programs can help heal drug or alcohol dependence, please give The River Source a call at 866-294-9331.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

Drug detox begins the moment you stop abusing drugs for good. Withdrawal symptoms can show up within hours of your last use, so it is important to have a plan before quitting. Going to a medical drug detox program is the safest way to stop your drug use, and because these centers have licensed doctors, nurses, and other treatment providers, you will not have to suffer the pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other difficult withdrawal symptoms that quitting drugs can cause.

At The River Source’s addiction treatment center in Gilbert, Arizona, after an intake screening, we will admit you to our comfortable non-hospital setting, where you can rest and recover in peace. Our team provides prescription medications that are targeted to help keep the nervous system relaxed, help with serious drug cravings, treat mental health conditions, and stop nausea, pain, and another discomfort.

We will ensure you stay safe through medical treatments as we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs for those needing a slower, safer, controlled taper off substances like heroin, prescription pain medications, and benzodiazepine drugs. At The River Source, your program will be customized to best suit your needs, with a mix of evidence-based and holistic naturopathic approaches to help you stay healthy and comfortable as your body removes the toxins from your system.

Drug Detox Center Gilbert Arizona

6 Things That Help With Drug Detox

Several techniques and approaches help with drug detox. These include:

  1. Medical assistance and supervision during detox will ensure that you do not come to harm while detoxing. Withdrawal symptoms can get serious and be frightening and painful, especially if you try to do it alone. Drug detox should always be overseen by a medical professional, and in an inpatient detox program, you will have 24-hour oversight by licensed doctors and nurses to ensure everything is going to plan and you are staying healthy.
  2. Prescription medications can ease pain, help with distracting and distressing drug cravings, remove flu-like symptoms including nausea and diarrhea, help you rest, and keep you safe from severe reactions like seizures so you can recover faster.
  3. A good diet and hydration are important pieces of detox that are often overlooked. Your body may be dehydrated, and you may have symptoms of malnutrition due to poor eating habits or illness from drug use. An inpatient detox program with holistic care will ensure you eat well, get the vitamins you need, and ensure you are hydrated.
  4. Naturopathic treatments and holistic techniques like stretching, massage, acupuncture, etc. Getting in touch with your body on a deeper level, moving and stretching to help your body remove toxins, increasing endorphins, and learning new techniques to deal with pain and discomfort can all help you naturally get through detox without suffering.
  5. Therapy and counseling can put your mind at ease, provide new techniques and ways of thinking that will keep you positive, and help you heal the underlying causes of your addiction immediately. Many scary, unhelpful, and unwanted thoughts and feelings can arise during this vulnerable time, and talking to a professional will start the healing process and provide you with new recovery tools.
  6. Support from peers, support groups, family members, and friends is another very important factor in a person’s recovery. Your community can make all the difference, and learning to communicate clearly with loved ones, gain sober friendships, and accept help will provide you with the best chance of staying sober long-term.

Is Drug Rehab Necessary After Drug Detox?

The most important part of recovery from drug use is not the time it takes to get the harmful substances out of the body, it is the rehabilitation efforts that occur afterward. Making long-term changes so that relapse doesn’t occur and triggers can be managed effectively is the key to lasting sobriety. Detox is the first step, but a comprehensive rehabilitation program, with inpatient and/or outpatient treatment is necessary for addiction recovery in almost every case.

At The River Source, we offer customized rehab programs after drug detox Gilbert Arizona residents can immediately move into. These programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, with the help that encompasses:

  • Emotional healing
  • Behavioral health care
  • Medical treatments and MAT programs
  • Social and practical needs through case management
  • Psychological care through therapy and dual diagnosis programs
  • Community building, family involvement, and support groups
  • Naturopathic treatments for the mind and spirit
  • Physical strengthening and exercise programs

Our treatment plans after detox incorporate the entire continuum of care, including:

  • Inpatient rehab for 30 to 90 days
  • Partial hospitalization program for 1 month
  • Intensive outpatient program for 2 months
  • General outpatient program for 6 months
  • Long-term connections to our active alumni group

Addiction is a chronic illness, and addiction treatment is designed to help you control impulses, resist relapse, and live a productive and healthy lifestyle without returning to drug use. It is not easy and it takes commitment, but recovery is possible.

The River Source Is Ready to Help Gilbert Arizona Residents With Drug Detox

If you are looking for a substance abuse detox (Gilbert Arizona), consider The River Source. Our medical detox programs provide 24-hour inpatient care during detox, including counseling, holistic treatments, medications, amino acid therapy, vitamin IV and oral therapy, dry infrared sauna time, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, yoga, meditation practices, group therapy, and more.

We combine evidence-based treatments with holistic naturopathic care for a whole-patient approach to healing, even offering a comprehensive blood panel to test for deficiencies so your treatment can be tailored to your biological needs. During detox, you will live in a semi-private, comfortable room with a full bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a TV, and healthy meals are provided. After day 8 of treatment, you will have access to your cell phone between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM, so you can stay in touch with loved ones for support.

We ensure each patient’s detox program meets their needs, and for most people, detox lasts 5 to 10 days, after which we will transfer you directly into a rehab program suitable to you. Our team is dedicated to your health and safety, and we will provide you with the right level of care for your needs. Please call us now at 866-294-9331 to learn more about what we offer, our recovery guarantee, and our medical detox programs. We are accepting new patients now.

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