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Why Outpatient Breathalyzer, Drug, and Alcohol Screenings at The River Source

Anyone who has been through recovery can tell you that honesty is absolutely essential to successfully overcome addiction. At The River Source Holistic Treatment Center, we understand that coming to terms with our chemical dependency and admitting our powerlessness over our addiction is a difficult but necessary step towards recovery and, ultimately, sobriety. Therefore clients not requiring intensive inpatient services should expect regular, and easily available Outpatient Drug Screenings, Alcohol Screenings, and Outpatient Breathalyzer obligations to ensure that a level of trust is developed and built upon towards a successful and stable recovery.

The River Source Outpatient treatment programs are fundamentally built upon the pillars of trust and honesty. Our staff will go to great lengths to help our clients achieve their goals, and this includes a life of sobriety one day at a time. To ensure we find common ground towards achieving these goals, we ask for an equal level of commitment as well. We feel it is in the best interests of our clients that by staying sober each and every day, and remaining truthful to ourselves about their level of commitment, we are one step closer each day to ultimately achieving those goals.

There are many different elements that make up a strong and stable recovery program, and arguably at the very core of any path towards sobriety is the ability, to be honest with oneself and the surrounding support system. At The River Source, we wish for successful completion of our program with every client who works through our doors, and that includes everyone involved in both outpatient and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs alike. Drug Screenings, Alcohol Screenings, and Outpatient Breathalyzer serve as an integral part of achieving that success, and we feel it is an extremely important part of the Outpatient Program here at The River Source.

To learn more about The River Source, or to discover which recovery program might be the right step towards sobriety for you, browse through our website, or contact one of our representatives. It would be our pleasure and honor to begin the right kinds of changes to your own individual healing of mind, body, and spirit that can be achieved through honesty towards sobriety.

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