Drug Trends You Need To Watch Out For

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New Drug Trends You Need To Watch Out For

If you have a loved one at home who has suffered from substance abuse in the past, it’s only natural that you’re going to worry about what drugs are out there. Is there something that may tempt your loved one? Are there substances that their friends may be using? Would you be able to tell whether your loved one was using again?

It’s important to be informed when you’re a family member of someone recovering from drug addiction. Knowing what types of drugs are out there is an important step in being informed. Even if your loved one hasn’t had a substance abuse problem in the past, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the new drug use trends, because as we know, drugs do not discriminate. You could be helping out another friend just by knowing what to look for.

Drug Trends To Watch Out For

Let’s take a look at some new drug use trends for 2015.

Purple Drank

Purple Drank is a mixture of Sprite, Jolly Ranchers and codeine, and it’s not something that is reserved for the youth. Because this drink has been sensationalized by the media and popularized by the hip hop communities, Purple Drank is consumed by the adult population and often combined with other drugs like alcohol, marijuana or ecstasy.


Gravel, also known as flakka, is a highly addictive form of synthetic cathinone. Its primary ingredient is alpha-PVP, but the mixture has also been found to contain other ingredients like klonopin, methamphetamine and bath salts. It looks just like gravel, hence its name, and it causes extreme paranoia and suicidal thoughts.


MXE or methoxetamine is a new designer drug that creates hallucinogenic and dissociative effects. It’s a relatively new drug for recreational use, and it’s similar to the drug ketamine, which is a powerful anesthetic originally used on animals. Like other synthetic drugs, MXE can be sold right under our noses, in small packages with the words “not for human consumption” written on them.


Yaba is not a new drug. It was used for Hitler’s troops to keep them active on long marches. Yaba keeps drug addicts up all night and feeling high, so it’s like a dream come true for them. The high is similar to what meth addicts feel, but users can feel high for days and stay up that long, too. Yaba has lost some appeal in Europe and is now becoming more glamorized in the U.S.

Drugs Can Be Found In Surprising Places

Keep in mind that many drug users don’t need to go to the street corner to get their substances. Many will find what they need in medicine cabinets, gas stations, head shops or even online. It’s amazing what can be found right out in the open.

Holistic Treatment For Substance Abuse

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