Enjoy Your Sober Summer with these Activities

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering how to enjoy these next few months without being surrounded by temptation. When the temperatures warm up and the need for relaxation does as well, it can be even harder to stay positive about your recovery. With the right attitude, a healthy diet and supportive friends and family, you can find plenty to do to pass the time and stay clean and sober.

Here are fun, rewarding and sober activities that you can do this summer. It’s true – recovery can be enjoyable!

Volunteer Your Time

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the difference that one person can have on another person’s life. Now it’s time to give back and volunteer your time to a local charity or organization. Visit VolunteerMatch.org to find volunteer opportunities that match your interests. Making a difference is rewarding on so many levels, and it will remind you of what’s really important in life.

Join a Sober Book Club

Reading is a great hobby to get into during recovery, as it allows you to escape from reality and connect with the characters in your book. There are plenty of sober book clubs that you can be a part of, and these are often held at public places like coffeehouses. Not only can you meet other people, but also book clubs give you a break from talking about your recovery.

Plan a Sober Vacation

There are sober retreats and sober cruises that are dedicated to individuals recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. What makes these vacations so wonderful is that they are carefully designed for recovering addicts so you can expect to spend time with people who are just like you. Fun, rewarding activities will keep your mind off drugs and alcohol and focused on your recovery. Check out sites like sobervacations.com, sobertravelers.org and sobercelebrations.com.

Practice Your Cooking Skills

Summer is the best time to expand your palate and try new recipes. Fresh produce is in season, and you can probably find farmer’s markets to shop at in your local area. Or, consider planting your own garden. This will motivate you to get outdoors, engage in physical activity and try new fruits and vegetables. Plus, the grill is in full swing in the summer, so now is the time to practice grilling. Invite your friends and family over, too. This is what summer is really about!

Check Out Local Parks and Trails

Most cities have local parks and trails for residents, so check out what’s in your area. You’ll love taking in the sights and sounds of nature, and the secluded trails will take you away from society and into your own zone where you can reconnect with yourself and focus on the progress you’ve made. Walk, ride a bike or bring a picnic lunch. This is also a good opportunity to journal or practice photography.

Visit Local Museums

Museums are not just limited to the big cities. If you do a local search, chances are high that you’ll find museums in your area. Visiting museums is a great way to get out of the heat and do something constructive for the day. You may even take a newfound interest in art or history. Find museums in your area by visiting museumusa.org.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Music festivals may bring a lot of temptation for a recovering addict, but you may be ready to enjoy an outdoor concert that features classical or jazz music. Pack snacks and a comfy blanket, and enjoy a lovely evening under the stars. Many cities also host outdoor movie nights, which is a fun, rewarding family activity.

Join a Sober Sports Team

Joining a sport is a great way to keep yourself busy during the summer while enjoying socialization and physical activity. Some areas offer sober sports teams, which is the best option available. Still, a regular sports team could be just fine, just be sure that you choose a group of people who don’t mix alcohol and sports.

Try New Recovery Groups

Summer is a great time to expand your recovery support network and meet new people. Try new recovery groups, since each one is run by its members and will have a different feel. You may meet some new friends who will make your recovery more enjoyable. Also, if you will be traveling, don’t hesitate to attend support groups in these areas. Attending meetings will keep you on track with your goals and offer support while you’re away from home.

Summer is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. By focusing on sober, constructive activities with the right people, you can take part in everything that summer has to offer.

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