Every Minute Counts: The RS Has Open Beds Available

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Five months after being treated at an outpatient rehab center, Lacey is back to her old drug using habits. A 20-year-old from the suburbs of Phoenix, Lacey is addicted to heroin. She ends up stealing her parents’ credit cards, buying thousands of dollars worth of electronics and selling them for drug money. When she returns home, high from a night of heroin use, her parents try desperately to find Lacey help. No treatment center will take her until she is clean, and insurance won’t cover detoxification in an emergency room.

Although many people believe that addiction treatment is readily available, this isn’t the case, and it’s a hard realization for Lacey’s family. They call around to numerous treatment centers, but none have open beds available. Even good insurance can’t magically open up a bed. The fact is that America has a shortage of treatment centers, and when coupled with insurance obstacles and the high cost of private treatment, tens of thousands of addicts go without care each year.

Statistics from 2009 report that at least 30,000 adults and 15,000 adolescents were turned away from treatment. When we consider how addicts impact society, it’s troubling to think that so many are actually willing to get help and are turned away. Lacey’s story, therefore, is typical. And it’s something that we at The River Source see time and time again.

Every Minute Counts: The RS Difference

Every minute counts when dealing with an addict. If families aren’t able to admit their loved one right away, they could be gone in the morning, repeating the same behavior and putting their lives in danger. Many who are turned away because of a shortage of beds never come back.

The River Source continually tries to improve addiction treatment, working past the common hurdles that challenge sobriety. Our approach to treating addiction is holistic, and our mind-body-spirit mentality has given hope to many recovering addicts. We also offer a variety of cutting-edge, holistic therapies that other treatment centers haven’t even begun to entertain, such as neurofeedback, IV therapy and infrared sauna detox.

Another element that sets us apart is the open beds we have available. We understand how critical every minute, every second, is to families dealing with an addict. Calling around frantically and driving from place to place is not how families should spend these crucial hours. They should be able to talk to a treatment center that can offer them support, information, and most importantly, hope.

Open Beds Always Available

The River Source is a center that you can count on, and we strive to have several open beds at all times. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can call anytime. Someone will answer the phone and be there for YOU. We do conduct a pre-admission assessment to ensure that we are the right fit for the addict. When this has been completed, we can arrange for admittance, and we do same day admits and airport pickups. No matter where you are in the U.S., we can get your loved one same-day help.

No one plans on having an addicted family member, but we can’t control the future, or the choices that other people make. If you do find yourself in a situation like Lacey and her family, take comfort in knowing that The RS is available and has open beds to accommodate your loved one. We have a strong detoxification program that will start immediately, and then your loved one can continue onto treatment, which is offered in 30, 60 and 90 day programs.

We also accept most insurance plans and have financing available for those who qualify. Our admissions staff is familiar with most insurance companies and will work with them to ensure that you are getting the correct coverage. The RS is committed to offering client-centered care, and part of this strategy is making sure that the addict gets help immediately. Tomorrow can be too late. It’s today that counts.