Everything You Need to Know about JUULing

JUULing is a form of vaping that is becoming increasingly prevalent among high schoolers and young adults. It’s highly addictive yet marketed as a safe and classy way to smoke nicotine. The product is even cleverly disguised as “healthier” because it is made with “nicotine salts” rather than “free-base nicotine.” The slim design and pod flavors (i.e., Mango, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley) also add to the appeal.

Unfortunately, young people are often clueless as to what they are inhaling when they use JUUL. Research from Truth Initiative found that 25% of 15-to-24-year-olds do not consider JUULing to be the same as vaping. Many are also unaware of what they are putting into their bodies. The JUUL website shares that each pod contains 200 puffs, which is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Don’t be fooled by JUUL pods. Know what they are, their addictive nature and how to keep impressionable teens away.

What Does JUUL Look Like?

The official JUUL consists of a slim vaporizer and disposable pods that contain the nicotine juice. The pods come in different colors based on their flavor, such as bright green for Cool Cucumber and orange for Mango. The vaporizer is charged on a laptop or USB port.

When using JUUL, the device heats up the nicotine and creates a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user, producing a slight buzz. Over time, e-cigarette users become addicted to the nicotine and need more and more to feed the habit.

JUUL is the king of e-cigarettes, but there are others out there, including KandyPens, My Von Erl and the V2 Pro Series.

What are the Dangers of Vaping?

No e-cigarette product should ever be considered safe, even though the branding may tell you otherwise. Nicotine is addictive and can negatively impact a developing brain. You may notice that your teen is acting out or having difficulty concentrating in school because of nicotine.

Other health concerns include:

Cracking Down on JUULing

It’s understandable why JUULing is appealing to kids. The streamlined design and fun flavors make the habit look like harmless fun. E-cigarettes are also easy to conceal, so teens can bring them along and share them with friends. The only thing that may keep young adults away is the price of JUULs. A starter kit costs around $50 and a pack of four pods is $16.

The best thing parents, caregivers and loved ones can do are talk to young adults about this dangerous and highly addictive habit. JUULing is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes – plain and simple.

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