How to Find a Rehab that Works

Seeking addiction treatment is a major commitment. Rehab is usually not free and may exhaust some financial resources. It also requires time and effort, as addicts in treatment may be away from home for a month or longer. During that time, families need to pick up the slack and care for children, pay bills or handle legal issues. They must also prepare for the day when their loved one returns home.

With everything that goes into the rehabilitation process for both the addict and their family, people want to be told that treatment works. They want validation that the pain and inconveniences they will go through will be worth it. But can we give people that type of guarantee? Do we know that rehab will work?

The truth is that substance abuse treatment can work. It does work. Many people who are now leading fulfilling, sober lives started their journeys with detox and counseling. However, rehab doesn’t always lead to long-term sobriety, especially the first time around. Relapse can happen to anyone. We don’t want to be discouraging, but we do want to be realistic.

Components of a Rehab That Works

The success of treatment depends on various factors, such as the circumstances surrounding the addiction, the treatment center chosen and the type of environment that the person lives in.

Let’s discuss some of the key components to look for in a treatment facility that works.

  • Medically supported detox. The first step in any treatment program is to get clean and sober. A medically supervised detox program helps patients move the drug out of the body while managing withdrawal symptoms. This is the safest and most effective way to detox off any drug or alcohol.

  • Individual therapies. Psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. helps recovering addicts better understand addiction and their motives for turning to drugs or alcohol. Through counseling, recovering addicts learn to identify their risk factors and find other ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

  • Family or marriage counseling. Family or marriage counseling is a great opportunity to work through issues that are hurting more than just the addict. Families are often undereducated in addiction and are unsure of what their role in the recovery process needs to be. This counseling is helpful in bringing families closer together.

  • Life skills. It’s important that addicts build essential life skills so that they can function in the world. It takes time to learn how to be social and deal with everyday emotions without drugs or alcohol. Life skills workshops can help recovering addicts learn or relearn vital, real-world skills.

  • Continuing care. Leaving treatment is not goodbye. A rehab that is effective will provide a continuing care plan that outlines healthy practices to follow, such as attending support groups or meditating each day. This is an extension to the treatment received and may include sobriety checks or follow-ups from the rehab center.

It’s almost unheard of to receive a guarantee from a treatment center, but The River Source is prepared to give you one. Our holistic treatment center has a Recovery Guarantee for those who complete 90 consecutive days of inpatient treatment or our Full Continuum of Care. If you relapse for any reason within 12 months of completing one of these programs, we will allow you to return to an individualized treatment plan at no cost.

To learn more about our amazing Recovery Guarantee, call The River Source today. If you’re going to commit to treatment, you deserve to have the best chances for long-term recovery.

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