Five Common Myths About Natural Drug Rehab

Gilbert Alcohol Rehab CenterAs a result of the increasing interest in natural medicine, many drug and alcohol addicts have become aware that natural drug rehabilitation centers exist. Yet while these individuals are oftentimes quite interested in attaining natural forms of drug treatment, various myths that they have heard regarding the treatment centers preclude them from enrolling. Despite this problem, however, dispelling the myths surrounding natural drug rehabilitation can empower drug and alcohol addicts to make informed decisions regarding whether to seek natural forms of recovery from potentially harmful substances. Here are five common myths about natural drug rehab you should be aware of:

1. Traditional Rehab Is Better.

There are many reasons that some people perceive traditional rehab to be better, and one of the most primary is that these centers tend to place primacy upon the use of synthetic substances (namely, medicine) to help generate the healing and recovery process. Because the Western world has placed such great reliance on these synthetic substances, centers that practice natural forms of healing that do not incorporate the use of medicine are oftentimes perceived as innately inferior. Yet this assessment is oftentimes quite inaccurate. In fact, natural medicine is a science and many, many drug addicts have been able to fully recover from a life of substance dependence through the use of treatment and therapy that does not involve medicine.

2. Natural Rehab Doesn’t Work.

Like the former myth, the belief that natural rehab doesn’t work is often predicated on the notion that it doesn’t incorporate the use of drugs. Yet even traditional rehab experts tend to agree that the drug or alcohol addict hasn’t fully recovered until he or she is off all potentially addictive synthetic substances-which includes the prescription medication that is oftentimes prescribed for anxiety and pain. And because natural rehabs do not incorporate the use of these synthetic forms of treatment, they work very well in helping clients heal as quickly as possible.

3. Natural Rehab Facilitators Are “Quacks”.

This myth typically results from a false perception of natural rehab experts as “witch doctors” who “run around in the woods” to collect herbs and spices that they will make into “potions.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Natural rehab facilitators are trained professionals who have attained extensive knowledge and experience in using drug-free methodologies to help addicts detox effectively and subsequently remain on the path to permanent recovery. While there are certainly people who practice unethically or without the proper credentials, this is the case in all sectors of the drug rehabilitation and treatment world. It is not unique to the natural rehab sector.

4. I Have To Be Sober Before Going In For Natural Drug Rehab.

It is true that some natural drug rehab centers require participants to be sober prior to entering their program. However, this is not the case for all natural drug rehab centers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the natural drug rehab centers that do not require their patients to be sober will frequently omit providing medications to help aid the detoxification and recovery process.

5. Natural Detox Is Too Hard.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, any form of detox-not just natural detox-can be considered “hard.” Yet natural detox cannot be accurately deemed harder than synthetic detox for several reasons. First, many people respond very well to the systematic administration of water and whole foods as a means through which drugs and alcohol are processed out of their bodies. Second, individuals who are given drugs to grapple with the challenges of detoxification will eventually need to have these synthetic substances processed out of their bodies as well. Given that people who undergo natural detox don’t run into this issue, one could easily argue that natural detox is easier than traditional modalities.


If you have ever given any consideration to obtaining natural drug rehabilitation services, you should know that they can play a profoundly positive role in helping you recover and begin leading a healthier life. Do not allow common myths about this form of treatment and recovery to preclude you from exploring this wonderful path to healing, health, and happiness.

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