How Quickly Can You Get Into Rehab?

Once your loved one agrees to get help for their substance abuse problem, how long does it take to get into an Arizona rehab? For some people, treatment does not start right away. The main reason why this happens is that nearby detox facilities might not have spaces available. Not only are more people suffering from addiction, but also more people have insurance.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a good thing, especially because it covers at least some treatment for substance abuse. However, it also means that more people have insurance and can seek professional care. Playing the waiting game is dangerous. Getting help as quickly as possible is what can make the difference between using again and not.

Let’s review a few of the barriers to getting treatment and how you can help your loved one start their recovery sooner.


The availability of treatment is dependent on where you live. Based on SAMHSA data from 2012, some states have no waiting lists – Connecticut, Indiana, and Georgia. Other states – Arizona, California, Illinois – have long waiting lists of 100 days. Some states fall in between – Alabama, Colorado, Delaware – at approximately 10-50 days.

What happens if you live in a state like Arizona where the wait times are longer? Does this mean that you have to wait several months for professional attention? Not necessarily.

The River Source is one of the Arizona treatment centers that may be able to take your loved one on the same day. Our facility makes it a priority to have open beds for the patients who need it most. We can also arrange for transportation. Please call us in advance so that we can discuss your loved one’s needs.

Insurance Coverage

The type of insurance you have also played a big role in how quickly you can get someone into treatment. The ACA does allow treatment for people with addiction or mental illness, but it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s common for insurance plans to limit or refuse treatment.

Even if insurance does agree, the stipulations might look something like this: X number of days for detox, Y number of days for treatment and everything subject to “medical necessity.” Unfortunately, what the insurance company considers to be necessary is not the same as the general public.

Work and Family

Another barrier that many addicts face is work and family obligations. Addicts often have to scramble to find care for children, pets and their home while they’re away. They might have a job that they’re worried about or school that requires full-time attention. Entering a restrictive Arizona drug rehab may be off the table for some.

In this instance – if the addict really has no one to hold down the fort while they are gone – we recommend an outpatient program. This at least gives the person some structure and support as they recover from the addiction. It’s not enough for everyone, but it’s better than nothing.

Admitting that you need help takes a lot of courage. Take the appropriate steps to ensure that your loved one can start their recovery right away. Call The River Source to learn about immediate options.

Consider attending the River Sources residential drug rehab in Arizona if you or a loved one needs help.

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