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“I am a drug addict. I used drugs for over 22 years and ended up homeless on the streets.  I enjoyed getting high, but there were consequences.  Besides becoming homeless, I lost the rights to two of my children to Child Protective Services because of my drug use.  The pain from addiction isn’t just physical and doesn’t just affect the addict. I caused myself and my family immense pain because I was the reason for our separation.

After having my lastborn taken from me at the hospital, I realized something had to change. I went into treatment and found a solution to coping with my problems that weren’t drugs and alcohol.  I realized that getting high and finding escape through substances wasn’t worth the price of my family and my life.

Because of addiction treatment, I was able to gain back custody of my youngest son.  Now, I have a home, a job I love, and a purpose. I’ve become the daughter my mother deserves and a mother to my kids. I can’t lie and say that I don’t think about using, but comparing my life now to my life then is worlds apart. I don’t think I knew then just how happy I could be, and I thank God for over three years of sobriety.”  – Susanne

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Drugs and alcohol become addictive for a reason – substance abuse can just feel too good, provide an escape from other problems, or even seem too painful to stop.  However, we know, as well as those who have recovered from addiction, that your life of sobriety will be far happier than a life of being chained to your addiction.

Do you need a reason to stop?  How about 11 reasons?  Former addicts share how their new life was worth the challenge of overcoming their addiction.

  1. “I can tell my body is healthier and my skin is clearer. Honestly, I just look and feel so much better.”
  2. “Sleep comes so much more easily, not just because I have stopped drinking, but also because I am now on a more stable schedule. Hangovers are a thing of the past!”
  3. “I have so much more energy! I used to always be so tired, and now I actually want to be more active and just enjoy life.”
  4. “My diet has really improved and overall I just feel so much healthier. It’s amazing to no longer be on a roller coaster of feeling good and then feeling terrible.”
  5. “My mental health has never been better. Counseling and therapy have really helped me and sobriety has given me a chance to understand and love myself for who I am.”
  6. “You don’t know just how much time and money addiction sucks up until you regain sobriety. I can afford to travel and spend more time with family and friends, and this brings me so much joy.”
  7. “Relationships with my family and friends have improved monumentally. There is consistency, trust, and love.  During recovery, I have also made new friends and created my own supportive community.”
  8. “I think what I love most about being sober now is that I can help others who used to be like me, suffering and thinking you are alone with no option but to continue using. You aren’t alone, and your life can be better than you can imagine.”
  9. “I have taken up some amazing new hobbies. Being sober has reopened my passion for life and shown me more of what the world has to offer, which I couldn’t see through the fog of my addiction.”
  10. “My career has just grown since becoming sober. I feel like I have more of a purpose and can really provide for my family again.”
  11. “It’s more than just being able to spend quality time with friends and family, but actually remembering my time with them now. Sobriety has given me a happier life and great memories.”

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The River Source wants to help you rewrite your story.  Our addiction treatment programs give you the tools you need to regain sobriety and maintain your recovery.  We want to know your reasons to stop – so we can help you find what these former addicts have found, a happier life.

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