Holistic Drug Abuse Rehabilitation and How It Works

The abuse of drugs creates a pain that can only be understood by one who has been through the addiction ordeal themselves. Besides affecting the personal relationships of the victim, drug abuse frequently fractures professional relationships and friendships and decimates the family life of the victim. The addict usually senses how he is perceived by others and this intensifies the guilt he feels, thereby increasing his dependence on the drug.

Facts About Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

Drug abuse is a tragedy that bears in its grasp far-flung consequences. If the drug abuser is married, the spouse experiences intense psychological strain and emotional burdens, particularly if the couple has children. The sober parent is forced to be the main caregiver for the children while at the same time trying to help the addict break free. The spouse may also feel anger or guilt about her spouse’s addiction problem.

It is of extreme importance that family members realize they are not responsible for the addiction problem. The abuser is fully accountable for his or her actions and the family typically cannot cure the addiction problem on their own. But there is hope even in this dark valley. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have been developed precisely to help victims of addiction to break free.

Conventional drug rehab programs, through the use of specially prescribed drugs, attempt to help former drug abusers shake off the chains of addiction. While these programs are occasionally helpful, many people find that these traditional programs either are not enough or are too limiting.

Holistic drug rehab centers, on the other hand, attempt to solve the addiction problem with a focus on the body, mind, and spirit of the client. The primary approaches of holistic drug rehab centers include the following:

  • Massage, Yoga, and Sauna
  • Meditation or guided imagery
  • Buddhism or other Eastern philosophies
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Reiki or energy work
  • Spiritual teachings such as the Four Agreements and the Secret
  • Avoidance of psychiatric medications

Be forewarned that there are numerous medical facilities that claim to be non-traditional or holistic drug rehab centers. To clear up any confusion that may arise when you are looking into a holistic drug rehab center, the three different classes of holistic rehabs have been listed below.

1) The first type of holistic drug rehab program is one that focuses on the healing arts in conjunction with eastern philosophy. This type of facility typically focuses on healing the body first, with a secondary emphasis on the addiction.

2) The second type of holistic rehab program is the traditional “12-step” facility that adds a particular element of the healing arts or an eastern philosophy into the healing program. As an example, the rehab center may follow the standard twelve steps but incorporate yoga or massage into the program as well. There is some dispute over whether this type of program is truly holistic.

3) The third type of holistic rehab program is simply a conventional drug rehab center that claims to be holistically based on the fact that the center does not use psychiatric drugs during the healing process.

Some holistic drug centers focus on cognitive therapy as a means of helping their clients. There are two main types of cognitive therapy: cognitive behavioral therapy and somatic therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on changing thought patterns so that patients feel and think better even if the situations they are in do not change. This form of therapy is based on the cognitive model of emotional response. Because it is our thoughts that trigger emotions (such as fear, panic or anxiety) and not external forces such as events and people, cognitive behavioral therapy helps the client to feel more hopeful during the therapeutic process.

Somatic therapy integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human person. This therapy focuses on a whole body experience by drawing out sensual and emotional patterns that originate in childhood and linger on throughout one’s entire life. Somatic therapy enables the client to discover his or her true Self at the core of these patterns.

There is no drug addiction problem too complex to be overcome. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, contact our facility for the healing you need.

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