How To Break Free From Drug Addiction Without Embarrassment

Addiction is a degenerative, dependent and poisonous disease. It is a confusing and terrifying demon to live with day to day, typically becoming an interruption to your home, work and social life. Hopefully, sooner than later, someone fighting with addiction will make the choice to seek help for their substance abuse problems. As if the struggle of substance dependency was not mentally and physically straining enough, more often than not, at one point pr another in the addiction and recovery process, shame and embarrassment will keep the desire to seek help at bay. But surely the cost of recovery over the cost of shame is more than worth it in the end in order to live life to the fullest again, and there are many ways to assure you reach that finish line, proudly and happily.


Whether it is a self-written list of pros and cons of your substance abuse problem, facing the facts on paper will help you realize what is more important; your happiness, sanity and the love of your family and peers. If you are faced with a staged intervention by family and friends, take it with a grain of salt. There is no fear of embarrassment or shame to be suffered; an intervention shows that you have a great, solid support system. After all, your family and friends love you and only want to help.

Cleanse Your Mind

If thoughts or concerns of other people’s opinions are keeping up a struggle to come forth about your problem, just think about this; would you rather be indefinitely and silently struggling on your own, or take a small leap of faith in the big picture of your life by coming out clean and perhaps be surprisingly greeted with overwhelming support and love? You will be shocked and warmed by how your family, friends, and peers will treat you when you present the ultimate courage and admit you have a problem in the first place.

Consider The Positives

When considering treatment options for an addiction, it is typically likely that said substance abuse problem has left you high and dry in some areas of your life. Perhaps financially, medically, or emotionally, and you are growing very weary and tired of these habits. Think about the positives when considering quitting. The money you will save, the motivation you will experience, and the greatest emotional transformation your mind will ever undergo. The happiness you will achieve at the end of your recovery will triumph and trump any and all doubts pinned upon your conscious due to shame and embarrassment.

Regardless of how others may view you and your problems, no one has any insight or grounds for judgment. And when you have achieved recovery and finished your journey on that long, dark road, you can turn around and show not just yourself, but everyone in your life, that you are strong and have proved yourself capable of something greater than a wrongful opinion. Never let your own securities hinder you from making the best decision for your mind, body, and happiness. If you are struggling with any or all of these emotional issues on your own, open up to a trusted companion, and never hesitate to begin the recovery process as soon as possible. The sooner you are on the road to recovery, the sooner you will be living life to the fullest again.

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